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  1. make sure daphne emulator is not running before a game is launched in bigbox or lauchbox, I had the rom error in the past and it was because daphne was running in the backround and I didnt realize it. Most places you get these games come with the bat file to make starting the game easy regardless of where it is installed. when i add these games i just "add a game" and uncheck use an emulator and just select the bat file for the application path. its super simple once you figure it out.
  2. look for a small program called joytokey....this will allow you to do what you want if you have not figured it out yet
  3. Thanks, I will do some type of action to narrow it down to see if its just a bad file causing problems, I will share if anything relevant happens.
  4. it is not the theme, changed theme to default, wheel still went missing about 15 hours later. Just to be clear it only happens when it is on attract mode. This is on a cabinet with only about 40 games, some games have multiple wheel images and or multiple marquee images. I think the wheel disappears from a bad wheel image or marquee image. I imagine I am one of the few with this problem since I leave my cabinet on all the time and often will go a few days being on attract mode. I will go in and delete a bunch of the files and hopefully the wheel wont disappear.
  5. not default, metallic theme, older but I like it, used it for years on multiple systems.
  6. For the past few months my game wheel goes missing in big box while in attract mode. Sometimes it will happen in a few hours, sometimes days but eventually it will happen. I have tried reinstalling and newer versions but the issue still persists. I have a digital marquee and that goes missing as well. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts, I am starting to think it might be a corrupt wheel image file or marquee file and it crashes when the file comes up.
  7. I don't remember what mode I use, but keep messing with it, it will work. Its a bit tricky to set up the first time, but once you get it set up right, if you don't mess with it, it works everytime. Find the right mode on the dolphin bar, you might have to enable some settings on mame. Tons of videos on youtube. I have 2 dolphin bars so I can play 2 player light gun games. Works well enough. Cheapest solution and pretty good results for the price.
  8. I have marquees on a second monitor, marquee works fine when game is being launched from the regular game list, but if I launch a game from the recently played list, the marquee stays blank. Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks
  9. Get a 2nd mayflash. touchmote is to difficult to get to work consistently in mame , if anyone comments touchmote is the way to go ignore them, they dont understand what you are trying to do. Get a 2nd mayflash, Snyc up 2 wii motes, set up your games and you wont have to redo your set up. I have been using this set up for the last 3 years. Hide your 2nd mayflash bar so the 2nd wiimote uses the 1st bar for tracking movement. If you have 2 mayflash bars inview of the wiimotes it will be screwy, good luck.
  10. unfortunately matching dpi scaling on both monitors did not work.....but using the override high dpi scaling behavior in the properties compatibility tab did..... have to use the "system" option in the drop down box Thanks for the help, this will come in handy when I install a lcd marquee.
  11. I figured it out, scaling in windows must be set to 100% or at least close to it. Shouldn’t be an issue actual cabinet but threw me off testing on a more normal monitor setup.
  12. I can not get big box to show the marquee on 2nd monitor. I do have the monitor set up to extend. I can select monitor 2 for marquee in the options but nothing happens. I saw there was some type of issue with a beta but I tried older versions, current version and current beta. If I make monitor one primary and marquee on display one I can see the marquees, but for whatever reason bigbox won't let monitor 2, it just shows the desktop, it does not show marquee or a black screen if there is no marquee for the game. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  13. Thanks damageinc86 that worked, I was looking for some sort of video filter, Simple fix.
  14. Is there a way to remove the filter in the video that adds the retro look? This is still my favorite theme.
  15. I am still having problems with controller automation crashing bigbox, is this still expected to be addressed? I thought I saw a post that it will hopefully be fixed by version 8.
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