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  1. I kept with the IPAC and UltraStiks but modified the approach with my arcade cabinet. I now have two Launchbox/BigBox set ups. Upon boot, it loads up a meta BigBox where the user can select from only a few options like Arcade games, Steam Big Picture, Street fighter V, YouTube music, YouTube Premium, Netflix, Shut down. The "Arcade games" option loads up a new BigBox set up (and kills the meta one) that just runs mame arcade games. For almost all Steam games I use a wireless xBox one controller after selecting Big Picture. So, apart from Street Fighter V, I basically gave up on trying to get Steam games working with the cabinet set up. This was partly because of how hard it was to get them set up and partly because most games I had are not designed to sit at an arcade cabinet and use arcade controls. The games play better with a gamepad and when relaxing on the couch in front of a large TV. My cabinet has a HDMI connection to a TV for this.
  2. I also had to redo my setup for Street Fighter V and will outline my solution here in case anyone else is looking for info. I have an arcade cabinet with IPAC Ultimate and Ultimarc ServoStik as the joystick. The full license LaunchBox/BigBox and LEDBlinky, as well as vJoy, UCR, x360ce, and AutoHotKey are used. It all runs on Windows 10. SFV is set up to run in LaunchBox via the Steam link. I had to use vJoy to create two virtual joysticks and then use UCR to map key presses created by the ServoStik and IPAC set up to the vJoy virtual sticks. I then had to go into the Steam settings to set up the controller mapping (as described above in this thread) for which I ticked the Xbox and generic gamepad options. I then used x360ce to have the virtual sticks recognised by SFV. All this took a while to get right but now it is stable and makes SFV fun again. Problems I encountered along the way were many. Player 2 could be set up relatively easily. Player 1 was much more of a problem. SFV via the x360ce wouldn't recognise some of the key presses associated with the Player 1 joystick and control of the up and down arrow keys in UCR led to strange behaviour. I found that a reinstall of the virtual joysticks fixed that. SFV then would get confused and recognise Player 1 as both keyboard control and joystick control. To fix this, I had to use UCR to block all keyboard commands coming from the physical joystick and button set up. This meant that when SFV was exited and returned to BigBox, it wasn't possible to use the physical joystick and buttons to control the menu and select a new game. To fix this I used an ahk AutoHotKey script to monitor when the process "Street Fighter V.exe" finished to then do a taskkill on UCR.exe. It isn't possible to run a bat file to kill UCR on SFV exit (using the "Run on Exit" option in the Additional Applications tab for the game set up) as LaunchBox thinks that SFV (and other Steam games) exit earlier than it does (see other threads discussing this). It is also important to have x360ce set up the dll files in the right folder. For SFV this is actually something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\StreetFighterV\Binaries\Win64. The set up under the game controllers on windows shows the 2 virtual joysticks plus the IPAC. Some guides say to delete the IPAC board but that wasn't needed (in fact doing so makes the real and virtual joysticks unresponsive). UCR needed to have the key presses of the virtual joysticks set up as vJoy and not as an Xbox controller. I used the original version of UCR done by evilC and not the recent update by Snoothy.
  3. This theme is great and is exactly what I was wanting to implement for my arcade games cabinet. I see that the CoinOP\Images folder contains two Arcade Machine png files. One has a larger screen than the other. Is there a setting or a way to switch between the two?
  4. Thanks @Sithel and @Fursphere for those two workarounds. For my Steam games, the problem I had was LEDBlinky would correctly light and say the buttons/joystick but then immediately revert to the front end active state even though the game was still playing. I also had some problems with only one of the U360 controllers changing its maps. I've gone with the timeout option as the workaround. This decision was so that LB/BB still launches via the steam ID. I made a couple of modifications in my approach. The first was that I had to add "/t" to the timeout line to get the delay to work on my system. I also added nobreak to stop the process being interrupted by a key press . The second was to run the .bat file through a .vbs file to stop the black command screen from showing when the .bat file is run. The Additional Apps feature is used to run the .vbs script (not the .bat file). I also have the Run before Main Application option ticked. The scripts are below if anyone is interested. I have quite a few Steam games (>100) to work through with this workaround so it would be nice for LB/BB to work better with LEDBlinky for these games. The other option could be for a future release of LEDBlinky to add an option to delay the process by a user-specified time, to effectively replicate Fursphere's workaround? Example for Street Fighter V. The Emulator is set up as "STEAM". LED_STREET_FIGHTER_V.bat file contents: @echo off timeout /t 15 /nobreak start C:\PATH_TO_LEDBLINKY\LEDBlinky.exe STREET_FIGHTER_V STEAM LED_STREET_FIGHTER_V.vbs contents: Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Dim strArgs strArgs = "cmd /c LED_STREET_FIGHTER_V.bat" oShell.Run strArgs, 0, false Both these files are in the same folder
  5. Yes, BigBox can do this. Just use Joy2Key to create a profile that will suit the game controls you need and via Launchbox set it things up to run the Joy2Key application + profile before the game launches. I've done this on many games and seems to work well, including using Joy2Key to let me use my joystick as a mouse for some Steam games.
  6. My cab has 2 u360s and the ultimarc ultimate board. I've set up the u360s as gamepads through Windows 10 by purchasing the cable that connects the player buttons (8 buttons all up) to each u360 and the u360 then connects to the PC via USB. Both P1 and P2 u360s+buttons work to control game scrolling and selection. I've used the ultimate board to connect up 10 more buttons. Three are for coin, P1, and P2 and three more are for Esc, Enter, and P for further game control (useful for Steam games). The other four buttons are on the top of the cabinet (hidden from view for most people) to control volume (up, down), Ctrl+Alt+Del, and left mouse button which are useful at times. I'm not sure if I understand your question so hope this info on my set up helps.
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