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  1. Cool.. Thanks Lordmonkus
  2. Is there a guide to adding/importing GOG games to LaunchBox. I assume I would need to point lunchbox to the shortcut that starts each game but want to be sure of what to select when adding. cheers
  3. Just a quick question.... I've added sega Saturn to my collection, scanned the rom files and downloaded the relevant artwork. All the rom are in archived in 7z format. Now several days later I want to add some additional rooms in zip format. How do I add these rims to my current collection without LaunchBox downloading all the media again for the current rooms and the new ones I'll be adding to the same folder. Thanks
  4. I've added two systems recently and followed the following tutorials from the Launchbox YouTube channel. Emulating the SNES and setup of RetroArch for beginners and also Emulating the Nintendo 64. The SNES tutorial is a more recent video and I started with that. I'm using a Xbox 360 controller and followed the instructions for setting up the 360 controller. It suggested in the video to select bind all within RetroArch and to do all the relevant button and trigger presses. Now I moved onto the N64 tutorial and Brad mentions around the 14.55 mark to add the following line to the N64 system -c "config/mupen64plus_libretro.cfg" Now this to my understanding is for custom setups correct, but I didn't add this line and the file is still present in the relevant folder of Launchbox and with regards to controls RetroArch picked up my controller anyway. So I have a couple of questions. when setting up RetroArch and selecting bind all for the 360 controller setup, does that make that the default setup for all systems unless I add the above line in the correct place and create a custom cfg. When setting up RetroArch I did the bind all thing I mentioned and I didn't select save before exiting although a cfg file is present and my 360 controller was recognized. So I'm worried I have things a little messed up although both systems seem to run ok and the controls are fine. Just to be on the safe side do you suggest just reconfiguring stuff again to avoid possible problems down the line
  5. I started watching the Wii and GameCube YouTube video and have so far added a small collection of Wii roms in the .wbfs format. Now I want to add GameCube but the roms are in the 7z format. I see that Dolphin will not run 7z files. So I will need to select the tick box I assume for Launchbox to decompress the archives. Now I just wanted some clarity with a few things... When I setup the emulator for the Wii platform I selected various things and then went ahead and imported the files. Now that I'm adding GameCube files and using the same emulator will any changes I make during the importing process to the GameCube platform change what I originally selected during my Wii import eg by selecting the decompressing of archived files within Launch Box to deal with the Gamcube roms in 7z. I hope you can follow what I'm getting at? Essentially, I'm wondering if I need to have another dolphin folder for my GameCube platform?
  6. I assume some systems are archived to save disk space? So if we use Retroarch as an example, if files are present that are archived in most cases they don't need to be extracted to run? What is the reasoning behind extracting a file before running, than just leaving it alone. I'm just curious. Btw I meant .sfc Thanks again lordmonkus for for the help.....
  7. So I'm new to emulation and retro arch and I'm wanting to add SNES roms and Super Famicom roms. I've been following a great tutorial to setup Retroarch and that is done but I'm a little unsure how to proceed. I have been directed to another great launchbox video on how to run SNES through Retroarch. It explains how to add multiple file types but my concern is that all my Famicom files are 7z and my SNES files are mostly Zip and a few are .srm and .src. One of the moderators told me that some emulators will run archived roms and others need to be unzipped. So I'm confused as to what to select when adding a system, in fact is there a list of systems that can be run as archived files and a list of what roms need extracting within retroarch? Maybe Im over thinking this but a little guidance would be most appreciated cheers
  8. Did another post regarding the reason/ pros and cons of the tick option to " extract ROM archives before running " but the post seems to have caused an EX0 error and cannot be viewed so I hoped to get an answer in my first thread! The files I'm adding now are in 7z format
  9. My files for Super Famicon are in 7z format and I notive that when adding retroarch it gives the following option “extract ROM archives before running”. What are the pros and cons for selecting this please? Cheers
  10. Great, thank you so much for the help... Here goes first system being added now, many more to go
  11. Fantastic, Thank you.... I've got an i7-4770K running @ 4.50 Ghz will that do I'll try the core you suggested, but wondered if I have to deleted the current core within the GUI or can I delete it manually by going into the cores folder
  12. Just a quick question regarding setting up Retroarch. I'm following a Launchbox video guide at the moment and have selected the following core for SNES " snes9x_libretro.dlll " I was wondering if I use the same core for Super Famicom? If not which core offers the best compatability to date? Is there also perhaps a thread listing the bests cores or do the cores get tweeked to often for such a list to remain current Cheers guys
  13. I recently purchased LaunchBox and can I say it's faboulous and very user friendly. I tried hyperspin for a bit and with the help of Simply Austin's guides almost got things running but time was an issue. I saw Austin's review and liked what I saw and purchased Bigbox. I think you guys at Unbroken Software have done a amazing job and I take my hat off to you. Anyway back to my questions! I notice that in most of the video tutorials when emulator's are being added a lot of the systems pop up suggesting retroarch as the emulator of choice. The Launchbox builds used in the video's are earlier versions. I have the latest build installed and now it seems all the systems that once suggested retroarch now suggest individual emulators. I wondered if a change was made in later build and whether there was a reason for this? I thought to save time I'd use retroarch, because it emulates so many systems and everyone raves about it. I wondered if there was a dummies guide to setting it up on Launchbox as it looks a bit complicated, or am I wrong? Do I just download and extract and direct Launchbox to the folder it's in. Sorry to ask such basic questions but I'm new to this!!!! Cheers guys ?
  14. Been away for a bit, so a belated Thank You!!!
  15. I looked at doing a Hyperspin setup many moons ago but found it to time consuming and tricky. I'm glad that I came across LaunchBox and look forward to getting my teeth into it over the coming months. One thing that was an area of concern when I attempted to setup Hyperspin was the suggestion by some people that anti virus software should be disabled for Hyperspin because Hyperspin and many emulators and files associated with them will be deleted or quarantined during scans. I will have my LaunchBox installation on my main gaming PC which will be connected to the Internet regularly. So for those of you who have systems up and running, what is your advice regarding protection and what setup works best for you?
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