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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but were you the person recording Hyperspin game themes or am I confusing you with someone else?
  2. Reaper595 are you likely to be doing some more Wii U game themes? I like the ones you have done so far!
  3. Thanks, that's good to know! I may actually get around to setting it up
  4. Just a quick search on google I came across someone experiencing loads of lag. Granted they are using consoles, but they touch on up scaling being part of the problem. I wonder If upscaling is enabled in gaming mode? Can you turn it off? I'm not sure about Retroarch, but maybe popping into the forums over there and seeing if anyone has had similar problems there would be beneficial.
  5. Zombeaver, I really like these videos, Awesome Job!!
  6. I know nothing also about 4K TV's, but I know that a lot of TV's of that nature upscale lower quality pictures to 4K, maybe that might be the issue? I know also having looked for ages for the right 1080p tv some years ago that some TV's had really bad input lag, but as far as I understand this would only be an issue for high end pc gaming and I would think running SNES shouldn't cause any problems. Anyway, food for thought! I hope you figure it out
  7. I've had in my possession a Dolphin Bar and two Wii Remotes for some time now but just hav'nt got around to setting anything up. It's been on my list of things to do, however I came across a YouTube video in November last year which talked about the latest version of Dolphin and the new Bluetooth support. To cut a long story short, they mentioned that this new addition to the emulator kind of broke the Dolphin bar and caused some problems. I would have thought a firmware update would have come from the manufacturer of the Dolphin bar but the latest update was in August of last year before the
  8. Updated to 7.0 with no issues, startup is vastly improved and overall I'm very happy. Great work Jason. I think you deserve a well earned break over Christmas!
  9. Yeah Lightspeed looks interesting and I think the sheer number of arcade games it's a good idea to sort them into separate platforms/lists. I be watching with interest to see what Jason adds in the future to the Arcade platform and hopefully Lightspeed will be out soon. We will see
  10. Can I just jump in here and ask a quickie... I see the CriticalZone theme is included by default with 7.0, does this mean that if we are running this skin already that we need to remove the theme folder we added so it doesn't conflict with the default CriticalZone theme that will be present when we update?
  11. You guys mention splitting your mame sets which essentially is what I aim to do, but how on earth do you know what games are from what systems. All the mame roms are abbreviated names and I've googled splitting mame rom sets but not found any info on how to go about it. Where do I start I order to split the mame collection up?
  12. Can I just jump in here if you don't mind an quickly ask, how on earth do you separate the different systems from a mame rom pack. All roms names are abbreviated and zipped? So again very confusing. I'd quite like to have these systems separated but don't know how to differentiate between one group of roms and the next. Would the Lightspeed app help in this regard and separate all the roms into the respective platform folders? 'I've never used it and know the current import feature it offers doesn't work due to changes to LB, but still wondered is it will sort the roms and move
  13. I've got the same hardware configuration as you, except I have a Nvidia 780ti. At present my library sits around 29k and similar to Brad, I experience some micro stutters but that's about it. I forget what program it was several months ago that conflicted with LB. Jason had to email the company to rectify the problem, maybe it could be something like that, although you do say you did a clean install. Maybe it's something hardware related, who knows? Just flicking through the last couple of pages I see AMD cards being mentioned quite a bit, perhaps an AMD issue? I hope you don't gi
  14. This is really strange then, because when I view these logos in explorer they do not have a checkered background? Just a white background with the black artwork, and when viewed in Launchbox just the black writing is visible, however as I mentioned above, change the colour of the black text and a white border appears. I'll post some images so you can see what I mean, and will checkout paint.net tomorrow. Thanks Bizzar721
  15. I was trying to decide where to post this because it is both theme and media related and I decided on here. I absolutely love the latest theme by CriticalCid and have no problems with it, but came across and issue that I'm having problems dealing with. There maybe an easy fix or not I just don't know, but I'm hoping you guys can help out. Anyway, I've just imported some spectrum roms and had grabbed a rather nice collection of clear logos from the Hyperspin ftp for the games I had imported and unfortunately a number of then are in black writing and with the green background used i
  16. I've imported some Gamepark gp32 games and have GeePee32 selected as the emulator but the format I have the files in does not work with the emulator. The files are .smc Has anyone set this little handheld system up that can give me some pointers on how to get this running.
  17. So are your games just labelled with the ID numbers or are they in a folder that has the full game name. If that is the case you can select use folder names when importing. That not what it says word for word but it's something like that. I don't know how the LB database will react to I'd numbers? Best to just import one file and see if the database picks it up.
  18. Just a simple question...... You can select what is displayed in Big box, carts,boxes, disks etc I was wondering if you can configure what's displayed per platform, for example displaying 3D boxes in say PS1 and say carts for SNES. I've not fully explored LB/BB fully in this regard, but as far as I can see your settings are universal an apply to all platforms.
  19. I believe I have a merged set, can check and post later when at my PC
  20. I've had my MAME set imported for a while and finally got around to playing some games rather than tweaking my LB setup, which seems to be my past time now Anyway, my first trip down memory lane was to locate Pacland and play that to death before going on to other things. Unfortunately it wasn't there so I figured one of my selections during my import had stopped this particular game from being imported. I had 1600 games after the import which was quite a bit less that some of the guys on here who were left with 2800 which I was aiming for. Anyhoo I thought I'd add that single game
  21. Just thought I should mention I'm running Version 7.0-beta-11 of Launchbox
  22. I just started to add Taino type x to my system following brads tutorial and I see since the video was done all the games have been added to the LB database. So I've added the game.bat to the application path and the config.bat to the configuration application path, as instructed in the video. I then searched for metadata and an entry is there for the Tetris game used as an example in the video, but when I select it the configuration application path disappears and becomes greyed out and where it used to say application path it still has the game.bat path but it is now saying ROM File (emulat
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