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  1. Just to update.. The playlists show at the bottom of the platform lists but it is slow
  2. It has yet to fully populate but this is what I have so far
  3. Right now it's just showing the standard platforms in alphabetical order, maybe the playlist will kick in towards the end? I'll leave it to finish
  4. Maybe there is something broken with the mame import process when it automatically creates the playlist. Maybe when I have time I'll import mama again and manually do the playlists
  5. Same for me but it does finish populating but no playlists appear as I said earlier
  6. Strange!! I imported Mame a few hours ago and asked it to create play lists during the import process eg. Arcade classics, Daphne etc and when I select Tools/download platform/playlist videos, all it shows in the download window is my platforms that I setup the traditional way, but no playlists?? Any ideas? Running the current beta as of today
  7. I've found James Bakers videos for playlists like Irem Classics and Cave but notice that the ones downloadable from the link below, do not contain some of the updated versions of the videos shown at the start of Jame's thread. Any idea where I can get these? https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/11-game-theme-videos/?page=2 The capcom classics and Cave videos for instance are shown in one of the latest vidoes showing off BB/LB
  8. I've been out of the loop for quite a while and haven't touched LB/BB. I rather happy with the separate playlists for all the mame roms but wondered if you can initiate a download of all the playlist platform videos or do you have to skip off to the emumovies ftp and add them manually? Could someone point me to a description within the forum of how you setup a playlist. A search all be it a short one, came up with no results.
  9. No, so I guess that will sort the problem. Thank you
  10. I followed Brad's tutorial a while back and decided tonight to play some Wii U but the games are not launching through LB but are through the emulator itself. As far as I can see there are no command line parameters and I've set the default emulator as cemu, but it doesn't want to play ball. I'm trying to run the rpx files but no joy. Is there something I'm missing. I'm using 1.7.0d of cemu and revisiting brads video I can't see any steps I've missed, but I admittedly skipped through it so may have missed something. I'm sure I may have made an error somewhere, any ideas what the problem c
  11. DOS76 can I ask what your preference is with regards to the import? BTW, thanks for the help
  12. Seeing as the MAME sets are in 3 different flavours now. Merged Split Non merged Is it correct to assume that the non merged set will be the best for a MAME import, considering that before the split set was suggested and that there were problems importing the merged sets
  13. Hi Aurel, great work on the indie box art. I wondered how you added your collection. I see you have them under Windows Indie. Having not added any PC games yet I'm not familiar with the process. I see there is a add pc games feature and add steam game feature. One of your games "the binding of Isaac" I have on steam. I assume whether or not it's on steam or not they will all come under PC games?
  14. The city hunter theme is awesome and most of what you want to do is achievable but as far as I know you cannot have different views per system. The view you select is universal. I maybe wrong so please correct me if this is the case. I know however that there are a load of setting within the menus for LB that will determine what is displayed. Brad's video is awesome and so is the theme. I think I did make a request for this a while back on bitbucket but marked it as non urgent. To be truthful I'm happy enough with city hunter and the look I have now. Having different views per system would be
  15. Thank you Brad! I'm very happy with this feature, it beats making huge lists of what I have missing
  16. I just saw Jason's video detailing the various functions of the audit system and I'm so impressed. I think LB just keeps on getting better and better There are a couple of things I wanted to ask Brad or Jason.... In the above mentioned video you talk about duplicate artwork and being able to delete artwork. I'm not sure I've edited a game and right clicked an image for deletion before, but I have deleted a game from the LB list and it seems that the artwork remains. Is being in the standard game menu and deleting a game act differently from the audit window with regards
  17. Another UK classic but I guess we should stop
  18. To those of you that were unsure what that last post meant. This should clear things up
  19. I did a bit of research, which I guess I should of done before I posted, but it turns out that an emuator was made but never completed. It seems you can play some games but the sound does not work at all for any games. When I read that I gave up trying to add the system
  20. Hi Zombeaver! I started to add Amiga stuff to LB but didn't finish doing so. Today I saw a post saying the launcher program I believe you mention in your tutorial is no longer needed. Will you be adding a little pop up to your YouTube video to remind us of this and to skip some step, because I'm bound to forget this when it come time for me to add the system. The tutorial. Is top notch by the way! Did you get anywhere with doing a CD32 videos?
  21. I've seen the Audit feature mentioned a couple of time and just wanted some clarity on what it does and how it presents it's findings? cheers
  22. I added loads of systems a while back and have been painstakingly filling in the gaps and it dawned on me that it might just be better to update the meta data through the LB program. I have a couple of questions, Is there a status list of where you guy are at with the system databases? Is the bitbucket link where I'll find the info? I see the guidelines for submitting which I've scanned through but wondered in what format a where you enter the information for system games. I also wondered how you can view what is already entered into the specific database
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