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  1. Sorry guys, false alarm! I looked in my Big Box settings and I had the wrong Platforms List View selected. On another topic, does anyone remember how to remove the image of the console from the platforms list view?
  2. I just updated to 7.5-beta-2 and the console selection page isn't showing properly. When I select a platform it displays like it did before, though. Has anyone else run into this? I just downloaded the latest theme files just to be sure.
  3. This is the exact same issue I've been struggling with since buying a Big Box license. I wanted to use LaunchBox together with Steam Link so I could play emulated games on my TV via Steam Link. I can start BB just fine, and load any game, which plays wonderfully. The issue is that when I exit the game, I see the BB interface for a few seconds, and then I'm kicked back into Steam's Big Picture Mode, which doesn't seem to think that BB is still running. The only way to fix it is to run up a couple flights of stairs to my computer, alt-tab to BB, close it, and then open it again with the Steam Link. Has anyone else run into this? I haven't been able to find any solution.
  4. Found the issue. The Image Type in Desktop mode was set to '3D Boxes' which I hadn't downloaded. I had only been looking at them on All Platforms and didn't notice this. Disregard this issue
  5. I've spent some time looking around for a solution for this and didn't see it, so apologies if this is a known issue. In Big Box mode, all of a sudden every one of my N64 and NES game images disappeared. I still have all the images for every other console, but those two aren't displaying. The images definitely exist in the LaunchBox UI, and if I click on "Show Images" in the Big Box game view, I can see them. They just aren't showing up in the game view. I've tried switching themes, updating (I'm on 6.10-beta-5 now). I've reloaded the Image Cache for all images. I'm not sure what else to try. Also, is there an error log I can look at? I could troubleshoot issues like this if I could find that. Thanks!
  6. I managed to find all 68 of the platform images in the compiled version of EmulationStation. They were all encoded as SVG vector images, so I converted them to transparent PNGs at 75 DPI. They should look really sharp on all screens, even though most are smaller than the ones that come bundled with LaunchBox. I renamed all of them to match LaunchBox's naming convention, except for the consoles that LaunchBox doesn't support. I left those images in so they can be used in the future and kept the original ES names. I also included the star icons for ratings and favorites that ES is using, just in case anyone needed them. Feel free to use as many of them as you like. Let me know if you run into issues and I'll be happy to make a new batch for anybody who needs different sized images. Just one thing to note: Once you move these images into the Themes/[theme name]/Images/Platforms/Clear Logo folder, make sure to open Big Box, go to Options > Image Cache, and select Refresh Platform Wheel Images. Once you do that you will see the new platform images in the main view. Enjoy! platforms-png.zip platforms-svg.zip
  7. You've made a lot of progress lately! I personally prefer Games View #01 with video off, but I'm glad you're including more options for people who want a more graphical Games View UI. I've been looking through EmulationStation's repository to find the images they use for consoles since I think they fit the theme really well. So far I haven't had any luck but I'm still digging. I'll post them here if I find where they're being stored.
  8. I agree, this is a minor change that most people probably wouldn't notice. I wouldn't prioritize it above anything major. It isn't super relevant to the theme, except that the original EmulationStation does allow users to choose the order the platforms are in, and the intent of the theme is to mirror their functionality as much as possible. Outside of that, it would be nice to organize them by date, but again it's not a hugely important feature.
  9. Ok, I completely understand. That feature is going to be important for the StationEmulation theme that Viking is working on. I don't suppose you'd consider adding this to one of the next releases? I'd be happy to lend a hand if I can.
  10. Great, that's just what I was hoping for. Is there a similar option for platforms so I can sort them by date?
  11. Hi Jason, I'm a relatively new user but im really impressed with the Big Box functionality you've built. I'm hoping that this feature already exists and im just missing it, but I'd really like the ability to set the name that is used for sorting for both games and platforms. This way I can reorganize the order of platforms and keep series of games together. For example, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 could be sorted as "mortal kombat 4" so that it stays next to the others in the series. Does this already exist?
  12. I think the system is listed twice because one instance is text and another is the logo. It isn't that way in the screenshot but you'll see it if you download and run the theme. I was trying to find a way to reorder the platforms on the main page. Has anyone been able to do that?
  13. I see what you mean; I agree that the date is more important. How do I turn Scan Lines and Hardware Images on and off?
  14. This looks fantastic so far. You've gotten a lot done in a short time! Do you know if it's possible to list how many games are available on each platform on the main page?
  15. Keep up the good work! This theme is the reason I finally made the switch to LaunchBox. You're doing great work so far.
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