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  1. Thanks for this solution, I had the same problem.
  2. @fraganator thanks, good to know. However I swichted to xemu some time ago
  3. Thanks @Jason Carr, I think the database is a very important part of Launchbox and deserves more love. Also it could be good to make box packs more easily available via the downloader in Launchbox. There are so many good complete box packs. And even if they are in the database you always have to download all images per image category. But I honestly have no idea how this could be implemented in a good way.
  4. Although I have already added alot images to the database (mainly I have removed the background of discs) I sometimes find "new" rules or best practices for uploads in the forum. I would like to put the following suggestions up for discussion. The possibility to remove an image from moderation after sending it (I often noticed right after the upload that it was the wrong image or a png had a background, etc). A preview of the uploaded image before sending it (the same reason as for the bullet above). The possibility to see the reasons for the rejections in all cases (For learning purposes and consequently higher quality uploads). As postet by viritys. The possibility to write a comment (the field "Why are you submitting this request?") when adding a new game. Rules that are displayed for the corresponding image during upload. (e.g. the recommended size or the recommended format for screenshots, which was often discussed in the forum). The same rules that are displayed to the moderators when accepting or rejecting the entries.
  5. I think this would be a great feature. I often wanted to know what the problem was but almost every upload is accepted even if I messed up. In most cases I know what I messed up but not in all. It would be also a great way to upload higher quality stuff. Is there another thread where improvements for the database handling can be discussed (ie to withdraw an own image which is in moderation)?
  6. So I noticed that png with transparent backgrounds do have a white backgound in the preview (open image in new tab) Example: https://images.launchbox-app.com/390501c0-f927-4f7b-92cd-0ea22eba30a5.png The background is transpararent when you download the image though. This seems browser independent. Any ideas?
  7. Had the same idea about a year ago but I found no solution. As far as I know they won't support Isos in the near future. This was discussed on their discord.
  8. Another game. Marked for deletion and accepted, but not deleted (its for st-v not model3). https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/102289
  9. Thanks for the links. When I tried to copy and paste the link I was "redirected" to another game in the DB.?‍♂️ I agree, maybe it happens only in some strange cases, but the clone must be able to delete.
  10. There was a strange behavior when I added the game "behind enemy lines" a few days ago. The game was added twice, one with media files and one without media files. I marked the clone for deletion, which was accepted on 2020-06-03 10:43 AM. But the game is still in the database. I can't link to the clone therefore the screenshot Any ideas?
  11. So what is the solution here? Many platforms like Model 1 and 2 are empty and duplicated games often lag/differentiate in media.
  12. This is interesting. I tried to figure out that too. I wanted is a fallback to a standard image when no background fanart is available. I'll try to figure something out with this information. Thanks
  13. I'm missing some of my videos and I'm not sure why. I did a clean up of the media recently. Is there a logfile or a way to find out what was deleted? Thanks
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