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  1. Had the same idea about a year ago but I found no solution. As far as I know they won't support Isos in the near future. This was discussed on their discord.
  2. Another game. Marked for deletion and accepted, but not deleted (its for st-v not model3). https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/102289
  3. Thanks for the links. When I tried to copy and paste the link I was "redirected" to another game in the DB.🤷‍♂️ I agree, maybe it happens only in some strange cases, but the clone must be able to delete.
  4. There was a strange behavior when I added the game "behind enemy lines" a few days ago. The game was added twice, one with media files and one without media files. I marked the clone for deletion, which was accepted on 2020-06-03 10:43 AM. But the game is still in the database. I can't link to the clone therefore the screenshot Any ideas?
  5. So what is the solution here? Many platforms like Model 1 and 2 are empty and duplicated games often lag/differentiate in media.
  6. This is interesting. I tried to figure out that too. I wanted is a fallback to a standard image when no background fanart is available. I'll try to figure something out with this information. Thanks
  7. I'm missing some of my videos and I'm not sure why. I did a clean up of the media recently. Is there a logfile or a way to find out what was deleted? Thanks
  8. I'm trying to run compressed (7zipped game folder) xbox games with cxbx-reloaded. Cxbx is telling that it could not open the default.xbe. The default.xbe is in the root directory of the extracted folder (auto extraction is enabled in the emulator config). I can't figure out how to set the correct parameter. Games added in Launchbox that are extracted and using the default.xbe directly are working. Many thanks in advance for tips and hints. Edit (I played a bit around with the parameters): Uncompressed game (LB points directly to the xbe): Launchbox/Romfolder/Xbox/Game_Name_Folder/default.xbe --> game is starting without any problems Compressed game (game is compressed and checkmark in LB is set to extract the game): Launchbox/Romfolder/Xbox/Game_Name.7z --> Launchbox extracts the game to --> Launchbox\7-zip\Temp\Game_Name_Folder\default.xbe cxbx is telling: Can't find the game "Game_Name_Folder". So I think I have to set the path in the paramenters to the default.xbe.
  9. Found the solution. PS2 was a caching problem. The wrong picture in Mario 64 depends on the image group which was last selected in Launchbox. If I select the clear logo and start Bigbox, a picture of the clear logo as is shown as frontbox. Don't know wether its a feature or a bug...
  10. I have an Issue with the boxes in the Game details view in the unified Theme. Some are showing fine but on some platforms I get a screenshot, a cart or nothing instead of the box (all media is available). Please see the picture of Mario 64 where the cart appears as frontbox and when I flip the box it shows the back of the box. Did I miss something? Help is much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Well, I already used this before Launchbox with Hyperspin and did no special config for Launchbox.
  12. Don't know if this is a solution that works with Bluetooth. But it works for all my wired controllers. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=108767.0 https://controllerremapgui.codeplex.com/
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