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  1. I want to add 3DNES to my platforms, but I can't really think how should I classify it.. https://geod.itch.io/3dnes
  2. Thanks! I've got it working, even though it seems to not work perfectly... I had to do it three times to get all done, it stopped in the middle upon first two times for some reason. Maybe wrong names for games (imported from filename) or whatever. Anyways, thanks! Now I wish the downloading part would be quicker & there would be a possibility to automatically sync platforms with their folders + the search would be more flexible if it doesn't find any matches with strict rules... AND a global setting "download these images/this media for all of my games". Edit: It would also be cool if we could "search for games not connected to database profiles" and link them to database profiles easilly. It would be much easier to do this while importing and then set it to download media
  3. Hi! It's logical that we need an acc for Launchbox, but why seperate accounts for forums? Why seperate account for "send feedback" & "report an issue". I just want to tell you guys to make it possible to import data from wikipedia and add as a new game profile on Launchbox so I wouldn't have to import it all manually. It would be great if I could do all of that with one login. And it would be great if we could have a button "import from wiki to lb" on the game edit page...
  4. I could be interested in translating to Estonian (I've also done translation professionally). Is this strictly pro-bono or could "premium" be a bonus?
  5. @Tony I can select the games, but cannot download media for them. Bulk edit doesn't have a media field and overall there is no media downloading option when multiple files are selected. Or am I doing something wrong? I had no questions regards drag-dropping.
  6. Hi! I'm rather new, but have imported tons of content. As downloads are low, I imported a lot of them without images. How can I make it import images for all games at once or atleast for all games on a single platform? I just wanna tick all these choices again and make it download all the images/media I want for all games. It would be cool if I could select a default for platforms separately or for all platforms to download a set of images/media for all and future adds. Also: can I make it scan folders for changes-additions to library? In case I add games to my game folder (all platforms seperate folders), could it automatically add them to my library under the platform? Also: why seperate accounts for LaunchBox and forums? Also: is there a possibility for a better scanning of games... I mean, some names have commas, etc. in them and aren't connected to the ones in library. It would be neat to click some button like "extensive search for all titles not connected to games" and narrow it down so it offers near matches and makes it able to connect titles. Thanks!
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