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  1. As the title suggests, it would be really nice if you could set one or more file formats for each platform so as to make the whole "scan for added roms" feature work nicely. Let's use the Sony Playstation as an example, good dumps are usually in a bin+cue format, by setting the aforementioned platform file format filter to only pick up .cue files, your psx games folder would be correctly scanned with the "scan for added roms" feature without creating a mess of duplicates etc. Overall it shouldn't be really hard to implement and it's something that will definitely benefit launchbox in the long run, no one likes to keep adding games "manually".
  2. I used a windows media center based htpc for a couple of years and they got the whole auto import feature right, so basically you set a platform directory and file format, it scans for new content, tries to match the new rom to a database and then imports it(lb does pretty much the same here), I personally never had any issues with it, even when the games weren't named correctly (for example sonic3knucles.md got sucessfully imported as Sonic 3 + Knuckles). At that time I had most of my stuff stored on a 2tb nas and it was really comfy to just copy stuff from the nas and have it show up on the htpc(with all the media imported) shortly after.
  3. Just came to say that I agree with Pr0FiT I think that you should be able to set a format filter for each platform from within launchbox since right now the whole "Scan for added Roms" feature is obsolete without it.
    Excellent theme, probably my favourite one so far. Thank you very much.
  4. Why not go with mpv then? Even more lightweight
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