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  1. hell yeah, wii ware... thanks @faeran
  2. that screenshot looks accurate... what's the Q exactly?
  3. ps2... sweet! I'll have to look through my systems when I have a chance to see what's MIA, I feel like it's just ps2 and two others... Thanks @faeran !
  4. please dont let this theme die!!! still need afew platforms...
  5. I predict... an updated NES coverbox theme is next!
  6. I hope ps1/ps2 is on da horizon
  7. hmmm... games load within ppsspp 1.6 np, but from launchbox it gives me "Could not load game. Error reading file." FIXED: i had "Use filename only without file extension...etc." checked for some reason...
  8. hell yeah! great clean design and a spinning CD thing?! epic.
  9. tumbleweed 64 coverbox theme confirmed
  10. all quiet on the coverbox front
  11. I was using phil's doodles as the platform theme, but now that it is a dead project and missing too many platforms, I switched to stationemulation theme with platform videos as the background... works great in conjunction with @faeran's work
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