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  1. hell yeah, wii ware... thanks @faeran
  2. that screenshot looks accurate... what's the Q exactly?
  3. ps2... sweet! I'll have to look through my systems when I have a chance to see what's MIA, I feel like it's just ps2 and two others... Thanks @faeran !
  4. please dont let this theme die!!! still need afew platforms...
  5. I predict... an updated NES coverbox theme is next!
  6. I hope ps1/ps2 is on da horizon
  7. hmmm... games load within ppsspp 1.6 np, but from launchbox it gives me "Could not load game. Error reading file." FIXED: i had "Use filename only without file extension...etc." checked for some reason...
  8. hell yeah! great clean design and a spinning CD thing?! epic.
  9. tumbleweed 64 coverbox theme confirmed
  10. all quiet on the coverbox front
  11. I was using phil's doodles as the platform theme, but now that it is a dead project and missing too many platforms, I switched to stationemulation theme with platform videos as the background... works great in conjunction with @faeran's work
  12. awesome! woooo ... well i didn't predict them game boys
  13. These game boy themes might be my fav yet... thanks again @faeran !
  14. I have too many requests to count, but I'd say my top picks for upcoming @faeran releases would be GBA, PS1 and Wii... all in due time o'course ! He's a busy man!
  15. If my calculations are correct... gamecube time !! some day
  16. This one hurts my brain... but so did the OG boxes from the 80's, so not your fault
    Incredible! Great potential!!! woooo
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