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  1. I fiddled around with all this last week and realized that you now can launch WHDLoad ("fixed" amiga games) with Retroarch by just point to the lha (archive format) and run it. Since they fixed the games so much over these years, with speeds and all, i wonder if your "Hostages" game test even works @Zombeaver ? Maybe time to make a quick guide aswell?
  2. Is there a way to force 50Hz screenmode when launching FSUAE?
  3. Ah! I never knew of the "Edit and set publish = 1 " option. Thank you.
  4. I attach a shader that i think brings out the proper look, in my point of view, for the amiga games. You put the shader in FSuae\Data\Shaders In the advanced settings in FSUAE you put: line_doubling = 0 low_resolution = 1 shader = x:\emulation\FSuae\data\shaders\crt-cgwg-pinky.shader Although you shouldn´t need to put in the full path, I can´t get it to work without it. Adjust path to where your fsuae resides. FSUAE doesnt have an option for autoswitch to hi resolution as WinUAE, but i actually can´t think of a game that uses hi-res. The only downside is that the whdload start screen will be a little blurry. crt-cgwg-pinky.shader
  5. Ah, thanx. Is it possible to have sub categories to a platform? would be nice to have demos and mags as a sub. It would be nice to have for the Amiga aswell.
  6. I guess I´m wondering how to reorganize the games and demo so it will be under Computers/Commodore 64/Games instead of C64 Dreams/Games. Is there a reorganize guide? I could ofcourse import all "roms" ie .bat files as commodore 64 but that would leave out sid files and such. And if i try that, I can´t filter out .bat from all of the other files? I missed the combo + start, thanx!
  7. @Zombeaver Amazing job as always! Even though I´m normally a sucker for crt-royale-kurozumi shader, I liked yours for C64. I had a harddrive crash recently so I tried setting this up from fresh install. I got a corruption warning on the parents.xml even though i edited it with notepad++. I´m not entirely sure what fixed it but what i did was to start up launchbox without the inserts. Then i deleted all the newly added entries, which was added by launchbox, and inserted your entries again. And now it seems to work. I would like to change theme with the new built in theme manager for Bigbox, but I´m not sure how to do that with your custom entries. Is it as easy as just rename? I also would like to have that controller explaining picture as a startup picture for a few seconds.. How to do that?
  8. I tried thinking around this whole launch problem again. Talking only about whdload games, which is almost all you "need", this could almost be as easy loading roms with other emulators. As i see it, it could be managed by extracting "rom" file first and then launch the slave file, since all extra info is gone from folder name and the slave .info file almost always has the right config. Also, this way you always (if no renaming is done) get to keep your save games. I don't know if its possible to point launcher to a folder and launch a game? Turns out FSUAE doesn't support .lha files except when used for scanning info http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=1139481 but even if converting all to .zip, there had to be a way to filter out the version numbers to keep the saves. One problem i see is that you need to purge old or different versions. Which needs to be done manually. Another tiny problem i see is that like two games have/had files in them which couldn't be extracted in windows, i don't know if that's the case anymore though. If you then add some algorithm that use A1200 configuration when folder- or filename contains AGA and CD32 when there is CD32 etc. You are pretty much set to just import all whdload files as easy as roms. As it seems the configs from openretro.org seems to be lagging behind the updates so we might have more and more games without configs eventually.
  9. I did some lists a while ago with some sort of "no intro" "clean" approach. I decided to update them today (christmas is comming ;). whdloadnonuuid.txt is a list of files which you have to make configs for at the moment. whdloadexcluded.txt is a list of whdload games i have excluded. Such as NTSC, demo, foreign conversions. If "better version" exists such as AGA i excluded the non AGA version and so on. For the completionist: adfuuid.txt is a list of adf games, with configs, that haven't been whdloaded yet. And adfnonuuid.txt is a list of the adf games that don't have configs and isn't whdloaded yet.
  10. I think i got that message a long time ago as well, along with other obscure messages. I think you should just try to reinstall FS-UAE. I think i might have gotten it while transitioning to a portable version. I'm currently running the x64 portable development version without problems.
  11. Since a very long time ago i started using Virtual CloneDrive which is also free and doesn't force you to reboot when installing and just works. I searched a little and it seems you mount and unmount like this; "For mounting: vcdmount.exe image name, e. g. vcdmount.exe "m:\image name.iso" For unmounting: vcdmount.exe /u For mounting in different virtual drives: vcdmount /d=X imagefile where x is your "virtual drive number-1", e. g. you want to mount the image into virtual drive 1 you have to use 0 for x, for drive 8 you have to use 7. when you want to unmount image in drive 8 you have to use "vcdmount.exe /d=7 /u" VCDMount only knows the switches /u for unmounting and /d=x for selecting which drive should mount/unmount image. " Hope your able to use this because i will try as well soon
  12. This is from page two of this thread; "* .info files are ignored (they will be unique for each installation) * Each individual file which is required is looked for by checksum. The archive containing the files does not have to match anything. The files for a WHDLoad install does not even have to be in the same archive. (*) There can be a few exceptions, and it requires you to use the same disk versions and install options. About WHDLoad arguments and missing PRELOAD when giving files directly to the database; Actually, the launcher could (and should) extract the default WHDLoad arguments from the .info icon file within the WHDLoad game archive. I already have code for doing this (used when importing configurations to the online database) so I can improve this. But, using the online game database is a good idea anyway, so you'll get any fixes submitted by users (corrections to the default arguments, extra configuration needed, etc)."
  13. But as Zombeaver pointed out and that i missed is that the config you get from openretro and the one that you use when just using the .lha dir is the "same thing" nowadays. Hence it must be something deeper.
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