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  1. Thank you. I'll give this a shot. I actually bought one and had tried to map it to analog mouse and even Z-axis with no success, so I started using it with my main PC. Turns out it relieves a lot of scrolly wheel strain on my mouse hand, so it earned its place already.
  2. I'm looking for a simple wireless solution for use with MAME and Retroarch analog dial based games (Arkanoid, Pong, etc.). Has anyone ever tried out the Microsoft Surface Dial for this purpose? It's kind of a steep price tag for experimentation, but worth it to me if it actually functions as an analog device.
    I didn't know I wanted this, but it is now my favorite feature in LB. The Steam Overlay is active and Steam Broadcasting even works using this plugin. I don't know how it's possible with such a simple set up, but it works. Thanks for the work!
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