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  1. I have two hard drive one with normal roms one with no intro roms normal was on old lauchbox was going to use no intro on new build but unsure as i haven't got no intro on old systems like master system etc
  2. So i can delete my no input rom bundles as the full set gives me all the same games. Cheers for that!
  3. Havjng just recently bought a new pc i wantee to do a fresh install of launchbox ready for making and arcade pedestal, since its been a while from the last build i watched ETA Prime vid on installing mame full set which gives you the new playlists ie 4 player,gun game and the classic lists like CAVE,WILLIAMS etc ive grabbed mame .205 split full rom set but also have alot of no intro rom set from coolpipes. So my question is after my ramblings is will mame .205 give me all the same games and my no intro sets or will i be missing games?
  4. In the process of doing a new launchbox on new pc thought id did something wrong thanks for the heads up. So once its back up and all running i guess its just a case of filling in the missing images
  5. Sorry just read it back and i didnt make much sense,sign of getting old What i ment was at the start you have a choice of console hand held and arcade could we add another as collections to keep the collections seperate from the rest
  6. @CriticalCid thank you for all your work on this theme youve done an amazing job, at the start is there a way to add a category such as collections to join consoles,handhelds and arcades just to help out menu searches and reduce the list or will this be a future addon?
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