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  1. I just am growing tired of the Overlimits goin on with Mega, EMU and Arcade Punks. But paying EMU has more than paid off. And EMUParadise is no more.
  2. Thank you so much. I was using it individually but did not know you could do it in bulk with the editor. Awesome!!
  3. Hello and good day. I watched this video and it was awesome. I got the emulator up and working and all the games properly configured. I went to launch these in Launchbox or to sync them with the front end and when launching a game it just launches the FS-UAE launcher not the individual game. I then went and read Eirulan's UUID Launcher section from your video and then imported games via that way and now it seems to work great. I was wondering how you separate the Amiga games section with the Amiga CD32 though? Since the games all work under the same emulator they imported under Amiga tab for all the games. Thank you again for your time.
  4. How does one have Commador Amiga and Amiga CD32 as 2 separate platforms in Launchbox? I have a collection of Afd and whd load Amiga games plus a collection of cd32 games as well but they all run from same emulator so when synced into launchbox it puts all the games under just Commador Amiga. I used Eirulan's UUID Launcher to load games into Launchbox. Thank you for your time
  5. Thank you sir for your quick reply. The best
  6. Thank you for the quick reply, and the advice
  7. Running an i7-4790k with GTX 980 GPU on Windows 10. Purchased Lifetime License and I keep getting this error: Please if you could help me.
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