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  1. Awesome work @Jason Carr! One question though, and I may have just missed this one, but I can't find a way to bind a controller button to show the pause screen. Ideally this would be the "home" button on my Wii U Pro Controller. Is it only available in the keyboard section?
  2. Just tried beta 4 out and it works better, all three themes that are available now load correctly, however, I'm still getting some controller lag when the images for the theme load, and when going back and forth between the themes, it takes quite a while for the images to load. Perhaps they can be cached? That would probably solve the controller lag as well. I can now enter Manage Startup Themes as well although that also take quite a while, it just says "Please wait while loading" Big improvement for sure, but I think some sort of caching for the images are needed, so the don't have to load all over again while scrolling through the themes. Thanks Jason!
  3. I tried that,unfortunately didn't change anything.
  4. Hey! Still having issues, now more than before. Whenever I browse the themes, my controller starts lagging pretty hard, I can't really navigate properly, and no images are shown on any of the themes, only the buttons, "like" "requirements" and such. Whenever I try to go into Startup Themes it just says loading, and I have to Alt-Tab outside of BB and then back again to be able to exit out, otherwise I'm stuck. I turned on debugging and here are the logs when I performed these actions. Debug 2019-03-07 08-05-45 AM.log Debug 2019-03-07 08-06-22 AM.log
  5. Sure, this is how it looks. The first theme in the list, CriticalZonev2 Bluebox displays all buttons and screenshots, but if I go down to Aeon Nox and Cityhunter, no buttons or screenshots show. Theme Not Displaying Theme Displaying
  6. Hey! Just tried the new beta and it's still only loading the first theme in the list, everything else is blank. Are there only supposed to be 3 themes in "Available Themes" so far? Cheers!
  7. Jason: One thing I think would be pretty neat is to see which theme is applied to which platform. Something like this.
  8. Sweet, will try it out now, great work Jason, this in an awesome feature to have, to be able to see when a theme is updated has been quite cumbersome in the past, now (soon) we can update with the push of a button, from within the interface, yay!
  9. But shouldn't Biohazard RE:2 show up when I search for just Biohazard?
  10. Thanks, that worked! I tried searching for Biohazard but that didn't work. You have to search for Biohazard RE for it to show up. Doesn't really make sense
  11. Hey! Trying to add Resident Evil 2 Remake to my collection, but it keeps scraping it as the old version. I check the launchbox database and the remake is there. It keeps mathing ID:3972 It should match this one. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/102939 But when I try to search for it, I can only find the above. https://imgur.com/a/wjyhdy9 Any ideas?
  12. Merry Christmas Jason and many thanks for Launchbox & Bigbox, I find it very enjoyable to tinker with them to get an awesome setup, it's on my main computer now so i'ts not really usable in that sense, but when I do get a dedicated computer I'm really looking forward to having BigBox running, and just playing games!
  13. Yay, that did it, thanks for the quick reply Jason! Would never have figured that out!
  14. Nothing is selected there, I don't think I've unticked them. What does the setting do? Edit: my bad, noticed you just tick them to change the order. Fanart Background was pretty far down, I'll try and move it up, to the top?
  15. Yeah, perhaps I tried with 0 and 40 % now (was on 70%), still no fan art
  16. Haven't tried from BB, only from Launchbox, it's not the same?
  17. Startup Screens look awesome, wow! However, I can't seem to get any fan art to load on them? I've tried the two available themes, using this one now Any ideas why my fan art isn't showing? Because I do have fan art for most of my games.
  18. Do I have to have any Xbox-services enabled for this to work?
  19. YES! Thank you so much, I lost this functionality when i reinstalled Win 10 a while back, and I never figured out why. This is awesome, many thanks!!
  20. BigBox def feels smoother, I can scroll pretty fast now without hickup! Well done Jason!
  21. Alright, changed to 0.80, it's def better but from what I can remember it didn't look like this in old LB?
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