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  1. I just noticed that when using LB to update Retroarch, it automatically downloads all the cores. I'm only using like 10 cores, and I don't want the other ones. It think the default behavior should be to update only existing cores. When you want to download a new core you should do it through RA instead. And did the option to just update the cores disappear? Also I'm getting this in the latest beta: Thanks for the awesome work guys!
  2. Awesome, this is really the best way to update RA to and it's cores do date, appreciate the work!
  3. Agreed. The update options look awesome and seem to work well, so many thanks for that. But if would be nice to choose from stable and nightly
  4. So I've been noticing that scrolling on LB seems unresponsive at times, and I never really cared as to why it felt that way sometimes. But looking a bit closer I know what's happening now. So if I hover an "Badge" for instance "Played" "Steam" and so on, scrolling with the mouse wheel with doesn't work. And even if I move my mouse a bit I can still hit a badge after scrolling horizontally, which creates the illusion that the scrolling is unresponsive. I think you should still be able to scroll even though the mouse is hovering a badge.
  5. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5824/sync-installed-state-with-launchers-and-be This is mainly for PC games, and with the current integration with all the launchers, I think this is a must have.
  6. Is this still not possible? I'd like to import all my games and then just filter i LB to show the ones I have installed at the moment.
  7. Hey! So I just saw a post on Reddit that a lot of users are seeing high cpu usage when Epic Launcher is running. GOG has integrations with almost all major launchers / platforms so that you can launch the games from GOG instead of let's say Epic Games Launcher. There's also an option in GOG to close the launcher after closing the game. I've enabled the integrations with Steam, Epic Games, Origins and Uplay, and I then tried to import all GOG games, but LB only picks the GOG games, none of the "integrations games". GOG is a pretty good Launcher and doesn't consume a lot of CPU usage so it would be awesome to be able to launch all the games through GOG. Would it be possible to import every game through GOG when importing in LB, so that when I launch them in LB it launches through GOG?
  8. Nice work on these, don't actually own any of the games but still!
  9. I'm having some weird issues with Retroarch when LB is started. I've mapped my shoulder R button and down on the right analog stick to lower the volume. But for some reason that exact combination seems to start a netplay session in RA. I've checked Launchbox controller mappings, but couldn't find anything related to that. And I've checked RA hotkeys as well. I even started fresh with a new retroarch.cfg but it's still the same. The weird thing is that if I close LB and just launch RA, it doesn't happen, so it seems Launchbox is sending that command somehow. Any ideas?
  10. I did that maybe 10 times, but didn't help Although after updating LB's database yesterday it worked, thanks!
  11. Hey! 11.3-beta 12. What ID do you get when you search? Mine is 176718. Edit: So I updated the LB database I now I can find the images, so I guess something's changed, but all good now, thanks!
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