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  1. alienware gaming console has gpu/cup in it
  2. could get 5200 to work with anything but kat mess, mame, altirria annoyed me you ar quite welcome very interested thank you
  3. There is one prerequisite to playing Atari5200 games via emulator – and that’s the BIOS file. This ROM file can be found floating around the web, so it is up to you to obtain this file. It’s not too hard to find. Next up, we need to get an emulator that can make this all happen. One such emulator is Kat5200. This can be googled Now, you need to find a nice convenient place on your hard drive and create a folder for all of your Atari 5200 needs. In that folder, create a folder for all of your ROM images and another for the Kat5200 emulator. Now (assuming you downloaded the binaries ar
  4. far more interested in adding my insane comic book collections now thanks for everything
  5. omg comics! all my comics!!!!!! oh wow! now how do we add android games lol
  6. I saw that android is a platform option bt how the hell do we use it.. I mean I have nox on my systems but it doesn't even install to a normal location so its impossible to locate the app exe... Can this be done with bluestacks? Again giving me files I don't have a clue about using with the movies is pointless... I created an acoount I got my API key etc but how the heck do we add movies to launchbox?
  7. yeah man that's my backyard been doing private servers over 10 years now it helps to have a dedicated team in every corner of the earth though... Started creating servers for WoW then became an addict since then... There is a server though runs emulators and pc version i found it few hrs ago
  8. console has gpu/cpu laptop has only cpu i guess im not letting it load well enough... it ran fast te first few times cause i had very little in it... on my laptop i have 37 systems and over 15k games added to LB... Nothing close to that on console yet
  9. done and done... nomore error it just doesn't do anything at all... this was my first time setting up sega saturn games cause on my laptop i am using hyperspin but i am now on my console doing it through RA...
  10. the emu is retroarch and its had the same working path for everything else but this... the core line is also correct as followed on the video
  11. followed this tut like any other with no problem i download the core then launch a game and got this??? @SentaiBrad
  12. Ok I am just wondering if there is some secret setup for Bigbox to run smooth each time because when I first started using it np at all i mean none... Now it's laggy as hell choppy rough transitions startup video loops like crazy before ever opening up to big box... I mea damn enough! with what i am running no way should I be dealing with these issues... Alienware custom built laptop and Alienware alpha gaming console... bigbox is slow and choppy on both systems wth.
  13. wow soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much history and beautiful memories for this amazing mmorpg! If you never ever got to play you truly missed out on so much epicness I can't even breathe right now... Like many I met my first wife on this game lol. Also got heavy into coding/scripting cause of custom weapon designs etc... Raising Mags, Farming weapons, Upgrading omg! Now have a perfect copy on my DC emu and even used valid serial/access code to play! If there are no private servers for this badass game we will create them!
  14. Since we actually have a game theme designed for android is it possible to emulate it through Launchbox like with Nox or Bluestacks?
  15. ha! it does mate! i would also like to try extracting the iso into folders
  16. YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEAR HOW MUCH I JUST CREAMED...[Sarcasm] omg! So much history with this epic online game. This is what pushed me to really learn all coding I can't believe I have it again! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  17. roms are one thing i'll never need bud thanks for feedback!
  18. new issue i got some games that have.cue and .bin files no .cdi or.gdi how can i get these to work with emulator? @DOS76
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