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  1. @faeran Great theme! I'd love to see a future update with Wall view 3 or 4 being like #2 but replacing the images with steam banners, and remove the clear logo, but keep the video auto playing. I tried to do it myself, but I've come to find that the time requirement learning all the xaml configs is a bit steep for me. Thanks!
  2. I've tried changing the BorderThickness value, and while it does change the thickness of that box's border, it does not reduce it's width. It also causes all neighboring games to scrunch together. See below: BorderThickness: 20 BorderThickness: 15 BorderThickness: 30 What I want is BorderThickness 20 but with the red box width itself to just be reduced, so it fits the size of the steam banner image. The height already does fit fine, no matter what I set.
  3. How do I change the width of the (in my case, red) selector/border? I see "BorderThickness" but not a way to change how wide the box is
  4. Updated my post above again. Somehow I have a habit of updating it right as you post a reply haha! Copy pasting here, with a screenshot: ----------------------- Edit: Ok I am playing with the other values and it turns out I can fit more columns this way. So the idea being that adding the height/width to the border allows me to increase or reduce the size, so I can fit more or less on screen at a time. Very cool. I'm starting to get the hang of it.
  5. Ok I've replaced Boxes with Steam Banners, like this? <coverFlow:FlowImage ImageType="Steam Banners" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch"/> However I'm not certain how to add the "Borders Height" you mentioned. Is this right? <Border Height="215" Width="460" BorderThickness="30"> Using that, the sizing is uniform, but it seems to mess up the zoom/spacing so every image is far apart again. May have to re-tweak the other settings to fit it. Perhaps worth noting, I am seeing the stretching behavior in The POC theme as well. However it tends to co
  6. I updated my post with the xaml, let me know if I should still PM it.
  7. New issue/question, not sure if this is a bug report or just something wrong with my xaml. With only the minimal changes noted above, I'm noticing this odd issue. When I start scrolling down the rows, every very bottom row seems to have its images stretched. However, as soon as I move in any direction, left/right/up/down, that bottom row within view will correct itself, but then I move down another row, and the row below that will be stretched too, until I move left/right/up/down.. Example below, I moved down one and up one again, the stretching is gone. Also note, i
  8. Hmm. I tried leaving this at 0,0,5. However the columns are shifted left. The leftmost column is cut off and there is blank space on the right side. This is fixed with using -1,0,5. Not sure if it matters, but I'm running at res 3840 × 2160. Perfect! I used the Find In Files feature of Notepad++ to see how it was done in other themes I have (e.g. The POC) and mimic'd the format. The winning number was NavigationRows="-3", that made the top row always start cleanly at the top! I found it now. <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="Transparent"/><Setter Property="Op
  9. Another question for anyone who may know: Is it possible to disable the fading of the rows above and below the current one? See screenshots above. I'm looking through the WallGamesView.xaml file but nothing sticks out to me as the control for this. And, to have the initial screen start with rows at the top, rather than in the middle of the screen?
  10. Thanks, had just updated my post with that right as you posted.
  11. Brilliant, thank you. I'm crafty with Notepad++ and was able to find and make the change right away. I reduced the spacing just fine. I changed the columns number to reduce from 7 down to 6, however all it does is make a blank space where the 7th column was. It does not resize everything to be bigger. Any ideas? Update: I figured it out. I was able to "zoom" the screen using the orthographic camera section below where the spacing is. Changed position from 0,0,5 to -1,0,5 and width from 15 to 12.5. Result below:
  12. How possible would it be to adapt this theme to work with Steam Banners in any of the wall views? I primarily use LB/BB for steam/pc games, so steam banners are what I use for almost all games. Thanks
  13. I have a question, sorry if this is not the right place to ask: Is it possible / how do I reduce the amount of space between items in a wall view? For instance, I am using the Default bigbox theme (although same goes for The POC, etc) and I am using this for displaying the Steam Banner of games (I do not use box art for browsing games, I use LB/BB primarily for PC games). Wall 1 shows the Steam Banners as expected, however there is a lot of blank spacing between them. Screenshot below, I want the banners touching at all sides, so that more are on the screen at once. W
  14. This theme looks great!! 😍 Wow I love the modern look to it. I have a question: Is it possible to make a View for scrolling through games that uses Steam Banners instead of box art? I tried the Horizontal Wheel 1, 2, and 3, but they all squish in the banners because the formatting is made for box art I think. I use steam banners for everything, even non-steam games, I make them myself, so I highly prefer a view dedicated to that.
  15. This plugin looks great! I'd love if there was a way to manually add playtime without having to load the game first. I just added the plugin so all my games previously do not have any playtime on them. If I edit the Custom Field with time (lets say I copy/paste from another game with recorded time), it will not create the game.txt file of the time. I have to actually execute the game for it to create the txt file, which I can then edit manually afterwards. If the process of manually editing times could be improved, this would be super amazing! Another idea, and this might be a bit lofty,
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