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  1. This theme looks great!! 😍 Wow I love the modern look to it. I have a question: Is it possible to make a View for scrolling through games that uses Steam Banners instead of box art? I tried the Horizontal Wheel 1, 2, and 3, but they all squish in the banners because the formatting is made for box art I think. I use steam banners for everything, even non-steam games, I make them myself, so I highly prefer a view dedicated to that.
  2. This plugin looks great! I'd love if there was a way to manually add playtime without having to load the game first. I just added the plugin so all my games previously do not have any playtime on them. If I edit the Custom Field with time (lets say I copy/paste from another game with recorded time), it will not create the game.txt file of the time. I have to actually execute the game for it to create the txt file, which I can then edit manually afterwards. If the process of manually editing times could be improved, this would be super amazing! Another idea, and this might be a bit lofty, but if were somehow possible to upload playtime to HowLongToBeat, oh boy.
  3. It did work! It looks gorgeous, I'm very happy with this. Thanks!
  4. Hey long time no talk @srxz hope you're well. I just found a new URL that something is different about, the plugin crashes when loading it. Let me know if you want me to test anything for you: URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1004750/ Error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. App: LaunchBox Version: 9.10 Type: System.FormatException Site: System.DateTime ParseExact(System.String, System.String, System.IFormatProvider) Source: mscorlib
  5. Looks amazing! Do you mind sharing your files so I can replicate this in my setup? Maybe a PM?
  6. I'm not sure I understand, where are the other 3 plugins if WootLauncher is the only included one? I want to try out PlatformAuditor
  7. Love it! Although I have a feature request: Could you please make it overwrite the custom field if you run the search again? I have found that the plugin will not currently overwrite a value if it already contains one in the custom fields used by this plugin. I might want to make a change and then revert it, or use the fields for other means and then overwrite them again later. Please, and thank you for the awesome plugin!
  8. Update: I just found where this was already acknowledged yesterday: Original post: I just found a regression bug. I was on Launchbox 8.7 prior to upgrading to 9.0b4 just now (not sure which version in between this was introduced). When in a "smart playlist" aka a Playlist with Auto-Populate conditions, if you changed an aspect of a game that auto-populates, the playlist itself no longer updates to add or remove the games based on that criteria. Example: I have a Playlist with Auto-Populate on "Date Added < 2 days" and "Source = Is Empty" I use this for initial game imports that have not been updated by me manually. I always put the game URL in the Source field, and once I do, Source is no longer empty, the game should be automatically removed from this playlist. In 8.7, as soon as you saved a game with something in Source, it would be removed from the Playlist, but now when you save the game, it does not automatically remove itself. I have tried many things, and the only way I have found to remove a game from a playlist is to modify the Auto-Populate settings of the playlist. If I change/add/remove a line, then save the Playlist, it updates the playlist to correctly remove the games that do not match. Please let me know if you want me to test anything else for you. I really need this feature back, as I use this Playlist for an Automation script I wrote for updating newly imported games. Thank you.
    This plugin is fantastic! It fills a void that Launchbox sorely misses. Sure, AAA titles may often already exist in the Launchbox GamesDB, but what happens when they aren't (especially most Indie titles)? Then you would have to spend hours and hours going to each steam store page, copy/pasting all the details into the game info, and not to mention the very(!) tedious task of grabbing the videos and photos for each game, naming them properly AND putting them in the correct folder so LB will recognize it. Well this plugin does all that automatically! Just paste your steam store page, and it very accurately grabs all the above information within just moments (1-3 seconds). I beta stress-tested this on about 250+ games with SRXZ (the plugin-god!) and I believe this to be a mandatory download for anyone who wants to take their Steam/GOG/etc game organization to the next level! Thank you for making this dream come true. 🤩
  9. Would it be possible to make a choice that will write to empty fields and not overwrite fields with already existing data? I can imagine people, myself included, have certain data already stored in some fields. Or would that pose a very challenging hurdle?
  10. Do you know how you're going to handle overwriting current data? For instance, if running your plugin on a game that already has some data stored (i.e. Genre), will it overwrite, ask, or skip?
  11. Looking good! It's awesome that you were able to parse the data out. Are genres pulling over? I'm not seeing them in your cmd window, unless I'm just missing it. I can't tell you how excited I am for this 😬 Ready to beta test anytime, DM me!
  12. Yessir that's exactly it. Launchbox calls that a "Steam Banner" or "Banner", because technically the game also has a "Logo" like this: Which you'll find here: https://steamdb.info/app/764790/info/ Logos could be useful for Big Box mode, and if possible would be nice to have. By the way, I just tested a theory and it worked: If you drop an image into an image category folder, i.e. ..\LaunchBox\Images\Windows\Clear Logo\North America\ and name it GAME-01.jpg or .png, LB will auto-recognize it as that image type. So this may be how to get multiple image types for a single game! Side note: The Messenger is a fun little game, played about an hour of it so far, retro feel and good sense of humor
  13. I agree, a bulk feature doesn't seem necessary, at least at first. Maybe later it's feasible to add a bulk feature that limits itself somehow, i.e. only processes 20 per hour (ish). But having a plugin that scrapes games individually I believe would be higher priority. When you mentioned Game logo, are you talking about the Steam banner? If not, the banner is certainly important too. Personally I use Banners as the primary view for Windows based games. Grabbing them manually has been a huge hassle (one that I've tried to alleviate with WinAutomation). I'm most excited about the Banner and the Video 😀 Other than the banner, maybe Genre(s)? That all sounds like an excellent foundation for a plugin. I understand, life comes first. What's your discord 4 digit tag? I'll add you. Mine is #4024 (same username as I am here)
  14. That's a great idea. You think Steam might block? Is it parsing as if it were a web browser, if so then how could they block you? I wonder if you could grab certain details from the Steamdb.info, which does not seem to have Videos and perhaps other details, but as a backup? Personally, the most important details to scrape would be the video, photos, short description, possibly genre and date released. However if all details are possible then of course that. Update: Just found these two links, I wonder if they would help: https://github.com/SteamRE/SteamKit https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/User:RJackson/StorefrontAPI https://github.com/prncc/steam-scraper
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