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  1. Sorry for the semi-necro bump. I am trying to get this working using the MAME core in RA. I have the bios files and RA always freezes at the MAME initializing screen. I have several other obscure MAME systems setup and I followed the same procedures that got the other working.
  2. I sent you the wrong xml. I’ll resend tonight. Thanks!
  3. I believe there are several eShop titles missing. If you want to PM me I can send you my XML.
  4. Ok, thanks. I'll never understand why everyone waits until a system is fully emulated to begin collecting media.
  5. I'm curious if anyone is working on Vita wheel logos similar to Diskmatch is with 3DS.
  6. I see. I am using a Hyperspin XML. I didn't realize there was so many dupes.
  7. Did you happen to get to these?
  8. Thank you, that's the one! Would you mind uploading those all together somewhere? The one's I grabbed from the database are way smaller.
  9. I was looking through the Fairchild boxes and noticed that box 13 wasn't remade like the rest of them. I am curious who uploaded them, perhaps they forgot to upload that one? If it's not available I can likely remake it.
  10. I am not bickering. I am letting you know what is going on and you are turning it against me. I brought it to the Discord because I didn't know how to block someone. I'm not sure what his join date has to do with anything? I'll inevitably get banned and go on with my life. He will continue to troll people and get them banned. That seems fair.
  11. I edited the post to say "threatened with a ban". I am not bickering about past altercations. I am bitching about this guy completely trashing any thread I start, such as this one, on THIS forum. Look at my posts here and see how many times I have had a problem with anyone, and then look at his. It's all very clear. This is all coming from the guy that puts a bible quote before all of his videos.
  12. As always, I'm trolled when asking for help, and then I'm threatened with a ban. Cool. I'm glad this thread has been completely ruined. I can't post anywhere without this guy harassing me. Ninja wasn't trying to be disrespectful, but he has to take one last jab at me after apologizing to you. That makes a lot of sense.
  13. I got banned at Hyperspin because I voiced my opinion that artwork should not be more or less hidden from paying members. That is what they are paying for after all. Paying for the work that others have done. I didn't expect anything to be "served" up. Funny that you and Agent47 seem to think I do nothing but ask for shit when I have nearly 30 quality uploads on Emumovies. I also recently uploaded almost 4,000 images, and videos for Virtual Pinball. I've been using Hyperspin since the beginning and helping others almost as long. I don't have a problem helping others and trying to actually answer their questions rather than completely ignoring their requests and then try to get them to join my Facebook group to serve my own agenda. In case you didn't read any of this since you seem to have a hard time with reading comprehension I'll just post this...
  14. You don't read what anyone writes. You don't answer YouTube video comments, and if you do you just say "watch the video again". Now, I have posted a spreadsheet that took be well over a week to put together and you don't even bother to look at what we are trying to accomplish. I'm not sure why you completely ignore people when asking for help or act like something totally different is going on, but it's a bit annoying. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Thanks. I actually did them one by one and then when I got to the end I realized what was happening. Perhaps _All Discs would have been a better naming convention. Oh well... After getting both UDM sets on this site I noticed that the following discs were missing. AFL Challenge (Australia) Arthur and the Minimoys (Europe) Breath of Fire III (Europe) Buzz! - Brain of the World (Europe) Buzz! Brain Bender (Europe) Buzz! Brain of Oz (Australia) Carnage Heart EXA (USA) Castle Rustle (Europe) Championship Manager (Europe) Corpse Party (USA) Crystal Mines (Europe) Everyday Shooter (USA) EyePet Adventures (Europe) Ford Street Racing - XR Edition (Australia) Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood (Europe) Gravity Crash Portable (USA) Hello Kitty - Puzzle Party (Europe) Hot Shots Shorties - Blue Pack (USA) Hot Shots Shorties - Green Pack (USA) Hot Shots Shorties - Red Pack (USA) Hot Shots Shorties - Yellow Pack (USA) Invizimals - Collectible Card Game - Hidden Challenges (Europe) Jungle Party (Europe) KAZooK! (Europe) Magic Sudoku (Europe) Mega Minis Volume 1 (Europe) Mega Minis Volume 2 (Europe) Mega Minis Volume 3 (Europe) Mystery Team, The (Europe) Rugby League Challenge (Europe) SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship (Europe) Silverfall (Europe) Street Riders (Europe) Valhalla Knights 2 - Battle Stance (USA) Vertigo (USA) Voodoo Dice (Europe) Xtreme Party (EUR)
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