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  1. A couple years ago I collected all of the XBLA covers and uploaded them, and I am sure many of you have enjoyed them since. I was going to work on XBLIG at that time as well but since there were 3,000+ I took a break from that to work on other projects. I recently decided to pick up the task and quickly found out that XBLIG were discontinued shortly after I collected the original set. I started using the WayBack Machine and it was working great. I got through 88 covers and went onto page 2. Unfortunately is does not appear that any other page other than page one was archived. Do anyone ha
  2. Very nice job! Are you going to do 2D ones as well?
  3. Sorry for the semi-necro bump. I am trying to get this working using the MAME core in RA. I have the bios files and RA always freezes at the MAME initializing screen. I have several other obscure MAME systems setup and I followed the same procedures that got the other working.
  4. I sent you the wrong xml. I’ll resend tonight. Thanks!
  5. I believe there are several eShop titles missing. If you want to PM me I can send you my XML.
  6. Ok, thanks. I'll never understand why everyone waits until a system is fully emulated to begin collecting media.
  7. I'm curious if anyone is working on Vita wheel logos similar to Diskmatch is with 3DS.
  8. I see. I am using a Hyperspin XML. I didn't realize there was so many dupes.
  9. Thank you, that's the one! Would you mind uploading those all together somewhere? The one's I grabbed from the database are way smaller.
  10. I was looking through the Fairchild boxes and noticed that box 13 wasn't remade like the rest of them. I am curious who uploaded them, perhaps they forgot to upload that one? If it's not available I can likely remake it.
  11. I am not bickering. I am letting you know what is going on and you are turning it against me. I brought it to the Discord because I didn't know how to block someone. I'm not sure what his join date has to do with anything? I'll inevitably get banned and go on with my life. He will continue to troll people and get them banned. That seems fair.
  12. I edited the post to say "threatened with a ban". I am not bickering about past altercations. I am bitching about this guy completely trashing any thread I start, such as this one, on THIS forum. Look at my posts here and see how many times I have had a problem with anyone, and then look at his. It's all very clear. This is all coming from the guy that puts a bible quote before all of his videos.
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