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  1. Yes, I know that, sorry for no pointing before. But the question is not answered. I can change something in order to click in the image to see in fullscreen (Like if I press the "i" button) ? Also, I need to change the size of the game´s description text box, I want to move up a little, but I can´t find how to do this.
  2. Hi everybody, I´m trying to modify the "Default" theme in order to increase the size of the images. But I can´t manage to do this, I modified the "ThumbnailListBoxItemStyle.xaml" but none of the changes can be seen in the big box backend. All I want is increase the image size. But it would be perfect if I could just simply click on the image in order to view it in fullscreen (like launchbox by clicking in the lens icon of each image). I know this can be done by pressing "i" button, but I want to click or double click with the mouse to do this. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. Sadly it doesn´t work. I talked with Lordmonkus and he says the same than you, we need to wait until Jason creates the additional apps bulk edit. Btw, thanks a lot for your help.
  4. I use media player classic. The problem here is not the passing of DTS to my AVR, that works fine. The problem is that I use the FX audio enhancer, which is a virtual soundcard. And then I need to disable that virtual soundcard every time I reproduce DTS in order to pass the DTS sound to my AVR. That´s what I done using a .bat file and all works ok. That´s the reason I need to add a .bat file for all these movies.
  5. Thanks a lot for your reply, it works Ok, but I have 2 problems. First of all, I need to use /fullscreen parameter in the emulator, but if I edit the script to add: Run "Emulator.exe /fullscreen" it doesn´t work. If I put the parameter in his own section of the emulator "Default Command-Line Parameters box" showns me an error because the /fullscreen parameter can´t do nothing with the script.ahk The second problem is that the autohotkey must be installed all the time, If I install, make the script, and uninstall, it doesn´t work anymore, I like launchbox because of his port
  6. Uh... I see... what a shame, I think it would be a very useful option. I need to change a registry key in order to enable/disable a virtual soundcard, I managed to do this by creating a .bat file. (Actually I use launchbox for my games and movies collection) and a lot of movies need to disable the virtual soundcard to use my receiver in order to transfer the DTS sound. So I think to add a .bat for all DTS movies in order to disable the virtual soundcard before the movie plays. Btw, don´t worry, I´ll wait until the bulk edit option of additional apps will be created. Thanks a
  7. Hi! I don´t know if somebody can help me. I need to launch a .bat before my emulator starts (I know that I can do this with additional apps, but I need to do this for around 3000 roms, so, it´s crazy to enable an additional app for one to one of them) So, I decided to do with the autohotkey feature. I use the: run, "path\myexecutable.bat" but this .bat copies some archives, and I need 2-3 seconds in order to finish the copy before the emulator is launched. The problem here is that the emulator launches immediately, so, the .bat have not finished before the emulator is launched.
  8. The background music in LB. Sorry for the response delay.
  9. Actually, if you select a lot of roms, you can edit some fields like "gender, emulator, platform, developer, etc" but there´s no way to select the same additional app for all of them, and you must do that one by one. I think is a good idea to enable this function, since some users like me, have a lot of roms and some of them requires the same .bat before the launch, and it´s a waste of time doing this one by one like I said, specially if you have for example a 3000+ roms collection.
  10. The background music for each game still sounds when a game is opened (It´s supposed to stop when a game is opened in fullscreen) this happens with all games and emulators. This doesn´t happen 100% of the time, but it´s annoying that more or less the 10% of times you need to close and reopen the game in order to stop the music.
  11. Awesome, thanks a lot man! And sorry, I have no idea that there´s themes like that on the download´s section.
  12. Hi! I have one problem about the new release (Launchbox 8.6 now can have custom themes) Previously, in the normal Launchbox, my platform´s list are showed with minimum spaces between one and each other, and now, I have a scroll bar because they have too much spaces (Image attached) I don´t want to have that scroll bar in order to have all my platforms at the same time, just like normal launchbox shows. There´s some way to improve this? I tried to modify some lines of a custom theme in LBThemes\"nameofcustomtheme"\Views\SideBarView.xaml in order to reduce that spaces, but without succ
  13. Try this: http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide
  14. I have only one complaint about this Launchbox.Next... what about the side bar? Previously, in the normal Launchbox, my platform´s list are showed with minimum spaces between one and each other, and now, I have a scroll bar because they have too much spaces (Image attached) I don´t want to have that scroll bar in order to have all my platforms at the same time, just like normal launchbox shows. There´s some way to improve this? All new interface looks ok, but this one thing is frustrating. Thanks in advance!
  15. Now works like a charm! Thanks a lot for your awesome work ^^
  16. Hi XoRRoX, first of all, thanks for your awesome app, I love to use it with my Launchbox to use per game specific settings I ran into the same problem as Klamp. In my case, I use the params "--fullscreen --fullboot --nogui" Btw, the problem is located between 0.03c and 0.05, I used 0.03b for years, and all works fine, but today, I founded that this program was updated, and my PCSX2 stays in the background, and don´t enter fullscreen unless I click the screen twice. If I go and use the 0.03b again, all is solved. I don´t know if the 0.05 worths the update, but I´ll keep with 0.0
  17. The "additional apps" feature doesn´t wait to end for launching the game (Using execute the app before the game and the wait for exit option) Only waits 15-20 seconds to launch a rom. Example: You create a .bat file with some text "Instructions for the game" and a "pause" and the end. So, the user needs to press a key in order to close the message and open the game. But it doesn´t work, it only waits the same 15-20 seconds, and doesn´t matter if the app is not closed previously.
  18. I am totally against the "politically correct society" of modern times, but this is not the case. I don´t want to be politically correct. I only want to say, that, putting biblic verses in a Game´s frontend program maybe is not the right place to do it. Tolerant with other beliefs? What about to being tolerant with atheism? I respect if some people are religious. You love Jesus? Ok, but please, don´t come to my house and start a dull monologue trying to convert me to christianity. Don´t stop me while i´m walking through the street to do the same. Don´t fill my mailbox with religious prop
  19. Like I said, i'm not offended if Jason Carr is a religious person, so, please, don't put words in my mouth. And I only requested a button to enable/disable that bible verses, which is extremely easy to do. There are people like you who don't care if there are religious messages in Launchbox? Ok. But there's too people like me, (As you can see i'm not the only one in the forums) who think that Launchbox is not the place for this religious messages.
  20. PS: Not to mention the daily and unwanted connection to "www.biblegateway.com" database...
  21. I figured that there are some biblic verses in launchbox, (Help>about) i don´t have any problem if Jason Carr is a religious person. But Launchbox is not a church to predicate, it´s a game´s launcher, (and yes, I pay for it). So please, consider to remove this religious propaganda, it´s very offensive for me at least (And i´m not the only one as I see: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/33647-secular-version-of-launchbox/) PS: I don't want to be rude, so, sorry if it sounds like that, English is not my mother language, and I don´t know how to express myself better. I consider th
  22. Launchbox 8.0 Boots at the speed of light! What a great improvement (In my case, 7.16 needs 9 seconds to boot, and 8.0 only 2 seconds)
  23. This problem is from far away, but launchbox team doesn´t solved the problem yet (I don´t know if they know about it) Basically, if you use the additional app section, you can launch a program, a batch file, etc, before the game opens. The problem here, is that, even if you use the "Wait for exit" option, the rom is launched after 15-20 seconds, it doesn´t wait for the user to close it. This is really annoying, because, for example, i launch .txt files with some instructions to read. And the rom doesn´t wait to close the window.
  24. Don´t worry Jason, you did the right thing. Maybe is not too much, but you have my sword.
  25. That Christopher Shaw is an idiot... Shaw... You don't know the trouble you've got yourself in... we will fight all together to defend the launchbox community. That means Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc. Involved to kick your ass or take the justice with our own hands with DDOS attacks.
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