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  1. NES Black Box Games Bezels and Configs for Retroarch

    Here are the NES Black Box bezels I created for Retroarch. There are three sets for 3 different configurations:  NoTV, TV, and ThickTV.
    Download and unzip to your RetroArch\overlays folder.  Set them up through Retroarch.
    You can also download the playlist and playlist clear logo here: 
    Also, @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT generously made an awesome theme video to go along with the playlist and bezels.  Download it here:


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  2. NES Black Box Collection Playlist

    Here is a playlist for the 30 original black box games on the NES, plus the 3 silver box games.
    Download the .xml file and paste it in your Launchbox\Data\Playlists directory. 
    I also included a Clear Logo for the Playlist.  Download it and paste it to your LaunchBox\Images\Playlists\NES Black Box\Clear Logo directory.
    Check out the bezels/overlays I made for them here:
    Also, @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT generously made an awesome theme video to go along with the playlist and bezels.  Download it here:


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    1296 SHMUPS!  Split playlists for arcade and consoles.
    Download the .xml files and place them in your LaunchBox\Data\Playlists directory.
    Here's how many games are in each playlist:
    SHMUPS (Arcade):           501*
    SHMUPS (Dreamcast)        24
    SHMUPS (Game Gear) :       9
    SHMUPS (GB/GBC) :           42
    SHMUPS (GBA):                   21
    SHMUPS (Genesis) :           70 (including Sega CD and 32x games)
    SHMUPS (MSX):                144**
    SHMUPS (Naomi):              18
    SHMUPS (NES):                 132 (including Famicom and Famicom Disk games)
    SHMUPS (PS1):                    69
    SHMUPS (PS2):                    34
    SHMUPS (PSP):                    24
    SHMUPS (Saturn)                54
    SHMUPS (SMS):                   20
    SHMUPS (SNES):                 39 
    SHMUPS (Turbo Grafx):     99 (including Turbo CD/PC Engine/PC Engine CD/SuperGrafx games)
    SHMUPS (All-in-one)      1296
    *2 games in the Arcade list, 'Pilot Kids' and 'Zero Gunner', will require a Sega Model 2 emulator for them to work.  These two games are made by Psikyo...quality SHMUPS.
    **The MSX list still needs a bit of work, there are a few 3D/rail shooters that need to be edited out.  A future update will probably have less games in the list.
    What these playlists have:
    2D and 2.5D horizontal and vertical SHMUPS
    Some classic fixed screen SHMUPS (Space Invaders, Galaga, Asteroids, etc.)
    mostly No Clones  (These lists were handpicked. Lots of 'Same game, different name' games were filtered out)
    No Run 'N Gun style games (Contra, Metal Slug, Turrican, etc.), but some hybrid games did make it on here.
    No 3D Shooters (Afterburner, Galaxy Force II, Space Harrier, etc.)


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  4. Beat 'Em Ups

    266 Beat 'Em Ups (Split playlists for MAME and Consoles)
    The .xml files:
    Beat Em Ups (Arcade):         133 Games for MAME
    Beat Em Ups (NES):                 28 Games (17 NES + 2 Famicom)
    Beat Em Ups (SNES):               60 Games (37 SNES + 18 Super Famicom)
    Beat Em Ups (Genesis):          45 Games (40 Genesis/Megadrive + 5 Sega CD)
    Beat Em Ups (Turbo  Grafx): 22 Games
    Download the .xml files and place them in your LaunchBox\Data\Playlists directory.
    Issues with Metadata and Launchbox IDs:
    'Avengers' (Arcade) is a vertical scrolling beat 'em up made by Capcom with no Launchbox ID.  Launchbox will default the Metadata and Media to 'Avengers In Galactic Storm'.  That is the wrong game.  The Mame rom filename is 'Avengers'.  Do not attach any Metadata,  title it exactly as 'Avengers' in the Edit Game window in Launchbox, and Emumovies should give you the proper media (although you may have to surf around to get a clear logo).
    There's an arcade prototype game called 'Judge Dredd' made by Midway. It is a beat 'em up and has no launchbox ID.  This is confusing because there is a light gun game called 'Judge Dredd' made by Acclaim. The Mame rom file is 'jdreddp'.  Title it as 'jdreddp' in Launchbox, and Emumovies will give you the media for it. Hit ok and edit it again if you want to change the title without losing the media.  Just don't title it as 'Judge Dredd' or it will get mixed up with the other game.  I named it 'Judge Dredd Prototype'.
    For the SNES list I added the Rushing Beat Series: 'Rushing Beat', 'Rushing Beat Ran: Fukusei Toshi', and 'Rushing Beat Shura'.  These are the Japanese but superior versions of Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers and The Peace Keepers, respectively.  No metadata for the Japanese versions and I'm still looking for some of the media.
    'UFO Kamen Yakisoban' for the Super Famicom also has no launchbox ID, but there is media for it on Emumovies as long as it is titled exactly like I have it here.

    It took about a week and a lot of research to put these lists together and I tried very hard to get every Beat 'Em Up for each platform.  But,  I was pretty strict about what made it on the lists.  There aren't any one-on-one 'Fighters' in these lists, that's a whole other category.  I also kept away from 'Hack n Slash' games which can be categorized as Action/Platformers.
    Please let me know if there are any games that should be on these lists.  I'm sure I missed a few.  


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  5. Run N Gun

    317 Run N Gun style games (Split playlists for Arcade and consoles)
    The xml files:
    Run N Gun (Arcade):       121 Games*
    Run N Gun (Genesis):       54 Games
    Run N Gun (NES):              66 Games 
    Run N Gun (SNES)             53 Games 
    Run N Gun (Turbo Grafx) 23 Games 
    *2 Games in the Arcade list, 'Dolphin Blue' and 'Metal Slug 6', require a Sammy Atomiswave emulator.  Try Demul.
    Download the .xml files and place them in your LaunchBox\Data\Playlists directory.
    Some thoughts about these lists:
    The Run N Gun category can have a few grey areas and can have a few matters of opinion.   Some lists I have seen are strictly 'Guns' only.  But I added a few that have other kinds of projectiles.  Some of the games on here are more 'Platformer' than they are 'Run N Gun'.  I was a bit skeptical about adding 'Mega Man' in these lists, and I'm not sure if they are proper Run N Gun games.  But he runs and he shoots, so I think that qualifies.  Also, a few games on here are hybrid games that are also on the SHMUPS lists.  Check out 'Rendering Ranger R2' for SNES/Super Famicom and 'Crossfire' for Genesis, for example.
    Have fun,


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  6. Clear Logo Booster Pack

    Here is an assortment of game clear logos that were missing in the database and/or I couldn't find anywhere else.  I made so many of them, I'm starting to lose track of which ones I did.  But here's a whole bunch of them.  Check out the screenshots.  See anything you need?  They're all in one zip file.  The zip file contains sub-folders for each platform.
    Most of these logos were made to help complete the SHMUPS, Beat 'em ups, and Run N Gun playlists that I posted here:


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