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  1. Hello Eveyone. I recently upgraded my Mame from 0.205b to 0.229. Most games work perfectly but I occasionally need to update some of the roms. I go to my favourite rom repository and grab an updated version. 99% of the time this works great. I don't not use a complete romset. This collection is what I procured over the last year or so. So I'm in a situation where some roms don't work when I'm in the Mame UI but work when I run them through Launchbox. When in Mame I get stuck on the "Initializing" screen and Mame crashes. One game in particular is Ajax but it runs throu
  2. Fantastic idea. That goes for the platform clear logos too. 😊
  3. Hello there, I Just tried this. I get a "CUE file load error. -fullscreen" Do I need turn on the virtual drive stuff in SSF and turn of the manual load stuff ? Cheers
  4. This is where I was when I posted the message Now....Tell me they are not private
  5. Put this on today on a friends. Love it. He'll be leaving this on for a while. I turned the "games details page" off Would of been easier if he'd call the platforms what they are meant to be called. Easy to fix once you know how.
  6. Damn, I was hoping for a better result than this. :^ ( I'm looking at emulator.ini right now wondering the same thing.
  7. I've tried this with Snes 1.53 and 1.60 and I can't get it to run. I have the Bios placed in the correct folders. Also, I've tried Retroarch aswell and the same. Whats with the multicart thing ? what do I need to do ?
  8. Is there a curly bracket missing ?
  9. Hmmm, I have to guess where the pointer is. When I goto windowed mode the pointer is offset to the guns aim. Is there a cross hair overlay so I can see my pointer ?
  10. Hey there, Glad somebody else mentioned this. I don't have a problem with the graphics at all. The problem I'm having is the same as the video. The audio keeps starting and stopping. Its like it keeps starting from the beginning of the track of something. Listen again. I tried running the roms with a newer version of Demul but it doesn't even see the roms. Any fixes ? thanks alot
  11. meecob

    ZInc Games

    Thanks Spycat, it worked.. and magically somehow I'm getting the tekken games working with sound too now. Thankyou bro
  12. meecob

    ZInc Games

    Hey, that may well be the answer I needed. I'll give it a go Thanks once again.
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