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  1. Well I fixed the problem by just going into the update folder and running the setup. However I do not know why during the auto update it failed to find it's required folder and when reverting/canceling caused LB to not launch at all.
  2. So LB started it's auto update to 11.9 nd it failed to see a folder and failed. It reverted back/canceled the install and now I can't launch LB at all. even with reboot! Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Oh man you are awesome!!! That worked!!!! Thank you so much!!! Also gave me chance to ditch old setup files since 2017 hahahaha!
  4. So LB started it's auto update from 11.6 to 11.7 and failed to "find" a chromium folder during install so it aborted the install. Now I can't get LB to launch at all. Already tried a PC restart. Any ideas?? I don't want to loose any data.
  5. Have you tried creating the D-Fend shortcuts, putting them in a folder somewhere together, and running the shortcuts with no emulator set? Basically running it no different then a windows game exe.
  6. @Zombeaver Thanks!!! That was exactly what I needed!!! I will also experiment with CCS64 for that speed boost during loading as you suggested. Sucks though CCS64 has been dead since 2015.
  7. I am curious.... the screenshot pictures, can they be animated gif? If you use one will it animate when looking at a game?
  8. Not sure which version changed it, but it's all showing again like it should.
  9. @MuddyWaters79 Glad you got it working!
  10. So I just discovered the Ecstatica 1 (DOS) had an upgraded Windows port with way better rendering and resolution released in 1997!!! I just played the windows version and it's way better!!!! Ecstatica 2 came with dos and windows executable. The metadata for the first game should reflect windows version of 1997. The sequel as well just to be included as Windows platform also. Both games have technically DOS & Windows versions. Here is a link the info for both games. https://ecstatica.fandom.com/wiki/Ecstatica https://ecstatica.fandom.com/wiki/Playing_Ecstatica_II_on_Modern_Sy
  11. I am not using the wizard. I am adding my games manually.
  12. I double checked associated platforms to the emulators. All the proper one's check boxes are checked. i even tried unchecking then rechecking. Nothing.
  13. Since the last big updates to the menu system, I noticed when I add a new game, the default emulator is empty. Every system use to have a default EMU chosen for whatever platform you set. When I look at the associated platform for say Bizhawk, non of the platforms are defaulted when adding a game. I have to manually click on BizHawk and associate it as the emulator. Did something change and I have to set the defaults else where?
  14. Well that worked!!!! Not sure why some games generated properly and some didn't. Guess I will just have to do this as I catch games missing it. Thanks a million c-beats!!!!
  15. Hmmmm ok then will look when i get home!
  16. Yes just like that. Both games.
  17. Disc numbers set? File name or something else set their number?
  18. Odd then. Example my FF VIII has the badge but my FF VII doesn't. Both have all the discs in addition app.
  19. Was hoping this last update would fix it... if it's an issue. no luck. Anyone?
  20. Missing Game - Zero Critical https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_Critical Let me know if there is a formal way to submit missing games. Thanks!
  21. So I have several games that are multi disc, but some of them are not showing the badge. There is no checkbox for this so I am assuming it might be related to "Additional Apps" tab. However the games missing the badge have the additional disc files listed. So am I missing how to work the Multi Disc Badge and get them to show?
  22. Anyone knows what the 2 possible games are? Or if anyone has discovered more working with Project Tempest?
  23. Oh man this works perfectly!!!! That script exe is great! Well done!!! Using Phoenix 2.8.jag. Way better then Virtual Jaguar 2.1.2 or the GIT compiles! By a long shot.
  24. Yeah that video was great. Just few check boxes to handle in settings for LaunchBox and it should launch it properly if you get all the required files. Mainly the machine/bios files and the proper CHD files.
  25. Ok Solved it..... I deleted my entire 4DO folder and started over from scratch. I guess the only thing I can guess that happened was that a settings file may have gotten corrupt or a setting was used that interfered with LaunchBox that is now off/disabled. Not sure. But full redo fixed the issue.
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