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  1. Hi! This time, I came around with (alas) another issue... I'm trying to test roms to check if they work proper, and I revisited "Three Dirty Draves" to play it... The thing is that the first time I checked it for a long stage and it worked perfect. Today (2 days after I checked) I messed a bit with the Yabuse Options (Skip Bios and Action Pack wich adds 1-4 megas of ram), the game boots, show up the tittle screen, you can acces to the options menu and stuff, when you start the game, load the screen normaly but then the screen gets black and the music runs smoothly as if the game was running. I tryed with different options and even I retrurned everything (3 options) as default, and nothing, the same issue. The rom is exactly the same, so I have no clue on what is happening... Any ideas?
  2. Well, at least is not only me being a caveman Thank you for taking time in answer me
  3. I mean, is not a serious issue... Just a curious one... I want to figure it out why RA load by default my last settings and LB not, even when I added the command to do so.
  4. Hi! I`m pretty new in Launchbox, and I love it. Today I was testing some graphical things with Crash Bandicoot of PSX, and LB did`t load must of my configurations (load some), that was weird, beacuse I launched RA as a standalone and their where there... I may clarify this, I used the -L "cores\mednafen_psx_libretro.dll" -c "config\mednafen_psx_libretro.cfg" command... So where did I drop the ball? Sorry, my english could be a little rusted and as I said before, I'm a noobie in LB. Thanks in advance!
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