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  1. I'd like to see implemented a Visual icon/indicator for games with multiple versions. This very useful to keep you collection tidied up. With all the alternate versions of ROMs, hacks, etc. under the parent game and it is always good to have a visual marker to see which games have alternate versions. Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Just to tell say thanks again. I followed your advice!
  3. I'm got all set. But I can't find the video preview of the SNES-CD and the ROM's preview with CD music... Can you point me in the right direction please? Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
  4. I just found about this. I managed to get a set, I doubt it is a complete set. How do I add them to launchbox? It is not a platform from the dropdown menu. (The video tutorial is down). Thanks!
  5. If anyone's interested, I created an issue: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/3937/combined-roms-dont-show-properly-in-the
  6. Apparently not. But I insist this is a must-have. You can add a few tags to each game and that would allow you to browse in new ways your ever-expanding library. For example: Contra III @action @run'n'gun @Sci-Fi @post-apocalyptic @difficult. Clicking one or more of this tags would filter any other similar games, so you could see similar games like Turrican, etc.
  7. Hello. For some games I have different versions including japanese or european versions, hacks, dubs, undubs, etc.. It is difficult to select or simply see what I have because when I right-click a game I got a list that reads like this: Play version Super Metroid... Play version... Play version... Play version Super Metroid... etc So there is no easy way to see clearly the many versions. So I end up opening and closing each one until I find the one I like to play. Is there a fix or an option to properly display the many versions a game have? I think i
  8. What do I need to adjust in the options and additionally download to make it look like in the demo video? :v
  9. Thank you for your reply. This is exactly what I did, but for some reason the main DosBox window doesn't recognise when the next floppy image is mounted. As I said on the last reply, I'll be better finding the whole game already installed.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. But at least for this game, every disk has the same "both" subfolder with the same "resourse.000" file. If I try pooling all the disks into one folder It will warn me about a file with the same name already exists. What I´m trying to do now is to look on the web for a installed version.
  11. I can't install a multiple floppy disks game that is Leisure Suit Larry 6 that has 6 disks. After some research (This is the first time for me using DosBox outside LauchBox) I did unzip the 6 files, then created an iso out of each one of them, then created a cue sheet for each, then within DB used the command imgmount a c:/d1.iso c:/d2.iso ... -t iso and alternate between isos with ctrl+F4 but somehow it doesn't work. the first disk installs like a charm, but when it asks for disk 2 i press the switch command and the secondary window in DB says image 2 of 6 is now active but pressing enter in
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