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  1. Thanks sundogak, Changed the Hatari's setting and everything now it's fine You've been very kind. Take care!
  2. Hi, someone knows how to set an exit hotkey for hatari? Launchbox's hot key (alt+f4) doesn't work with this emulator, the right combination is AltGr+Q (+ Enter for confirm). Thanks.
  3. Hi, same problem here, with sensible world of soccer in the specific..Have you fixed it? Thanks
  4. hi! anyone has noticed windows colours going black & white after exiting from the emulator? thanks
  5. Hi guys! Someone have solved the error when trying to search meta from wikipedia? Thank you!
  6. Thanks for your kindly answer guys, really appreciated.
  7. Sorry I made a mistake in my question, now I'm already able to launch Pinball FX3 and select the table I want from the menu, I'd like to know if there's any way to launch directly into a table without a cabinet code as I can do with Pinball FX2, from your answer I think there's no way to do that, Anyway thanks!
  8. Hi, there's any way to launch Pinball FX3 without a cabinet code? Thanks in advance.
  9. Lapo

    Mapping FC30 Pro

    Hi guys, I was trying to map the 8bit FC30 in Dos Box.. I can play but only with analog stick. There's any way to use the d-pad? I tried modifing the key mapper of DOSBOX with ctrl+f1 but it don't work at all, after the modify the controller doesn't work anymore and I need to reinstall. In launch box I can't find any options to map the controller. Do you know how to do this? thanks
  10. I've tried with first method and dxinstaller says the same thing, the other method seems not compatible with windows 10n...
  11. thanks for your suggestion DOS76 but I've already tried to run this file. It says that the drivers are already updated
  12. Hi, i'm really enjoying this program, but i'm gettin an error every time i try to enter in the option menu to change the controller configuration, Launchbox crashes and says that Xinput Directx installation is damaged ("your xinput directx's installation is damaged, please reinstall Direcxt 9 End-User Runtimes from Microsoft"), I've already tried to reinstall direcxt as suggested but the driver it's already updated (I've reinstalled LB too), what can I do? my system is windows10 N and i'm using version 7.9, thanks in advance, kindly regards. p.s. in a bartop machine is possible to run 8bitdo controllers together with bartop sticks controller? thanks and sorry for my english
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