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  1. Hey I believe i did fix the problem. I am using mame 0.197 (not sure if newer or older versions work (likely do) with d3d. Im not sure what the exact problem is but I believe trying different version of mame fixed it for me.
  2. Hi Jason, Sorry for wasting time, I just checked again and disabling enable startup screen in BigBox options is now working for me with rocketlauncher fadeins and bezels. Not sure what was going on before.
  3. Just tested the newest beta and getting the following issue in Bigbox / launchbox. I have a rocketlauncher setup , using retroarch as emulator through rocketlauncher, with fade in , and bezels. 1) in both bigbox and launchbox when I load a game I get the launchbox startup screen, then the rocketlauncher screen, and then a black screen over my emulator (can hear sound in the background) (In BigBox I can actually see the emulator for 2 seconds without any bezels and then the blackscreen) Disabling the new startup screens in launchbox fixed this issue for me, however in bigbox the issue still persists (it ends up showing the rocketlaucher startup and then a blackscreen over my emulator when I disable the new startups) ( did I not disable something properly in Bigbox? I looked through all the options and unclicked enable startup screen) 2) In Bigbox if i press escape I can sometimes get out of the emulator, however launchbox is now not the primary window, causing me to have to press the mouse to get it to the primary window 3) I then Tried disabling fadein screen through rocketlauncher, and through BigBox, I am now able to get into the game in BigBox with Bezels. 4) With fadein disabled in rocketlauncher, and startup screens enabled in BigBox = can get into game but only see my bezels and no emulator /sound ( I notice the BigBox startup screens don't transition as niceley as the rocketlaucher ones (eg. the bezels appear after the startup screen finishes) 5) With Fadein and bezels disabled in rocketlauncher, and startup screen enabled in BigBox = working Does anyone have Rocketlauncher fadein enabled, bezels enabled, and Bigbox startup disabled working? I am hoping I can at least find a solution to have rocketlauncher running in the background in BigBox , as Its still awesome for bezels and joytokey per game profiles. However after testing it seems like the new startup screens even when disabled are still interfering with rocketlauncher fadeins. So either I choose no fadins or no bezels or no bigbox right now.
  4. When I tried this from the rocketlauncher thread It caused launchbox to behave strangely and different emulators had issues
  5. This is what I did and it worked for. Only problem is big box doesn't support direct input devices like my steering wheel.
  6. Just wanted to update that I got Sega model 2 working with touchmote and demul shooter software for 2 player. Rocketlaucher had an option to load demul shooter for you under the third party tab. Just had to follow the pdf guide and make each controller an Xbox controller. <couldn't figure out how to do one mouse and one controller>
  7. Incase anyone is interested in the future, I spent the day getting Segamodel 3 working with this method (theres 3 lightgun games for it) (touchmote mouse controller 1 and xbox 360 controller right stick 2) I had to try different svn because with some it wasnt registering my trigger2 in jurrasic park and with some it wasnt registering the x and y axis. Ended up with svn 712 although im sure maybe a newer one will work (newest one 727 wasnt working for me though) anyways this is how I set my ini for the 3 games incase anyone needs. I set 4 different joy axis in the player 2 movement , on my PC it ended up being joy3 , but I put the other ones there in case it changes in the future. I couldnt get shoot and reload button working so I had set them to keyboard B and C. ; Light guns (Lost World) InputGunLeft = "KEY_LEFT" ; digital, move gun left InputGunRight = "KEY_RIGHT" ; digital, move gun right InputGunUp = "KEY_UP" ; digital, move gun up InputGunDown = "KEY_DOWN" ; digital, move gun down InputGunX = "MOUSE_XAXIS,JOY1_XAXIS" ; analog, full X axis InputGunY = "MOUSE_YAXIS,JOY1_YAXIS" ; analog, full Y axis InputTrigger = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1,MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON" InputOffscreen = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2,MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON" ; point off-screen InputAutoTrigger = 1 ; automatic reload when off-screen InputGunLeft2 = "NONE" InputGunRight2 = "NONE" InputGunUp2 = "NONE" InputGunDown2 = "NONE" InputGunX2 = "JOY3_XAXIS,JOY1_XAXIS,JOY2_XAXIS,JOY4_XAXIS" InputGunY2 = "JOY3_YAXIS,JOY1_YAXIS,JOY2_YAXIS,JOY4_YAXIS" InputTrigger2 = "JOY3_BUTTON1,KEY_C" InputOffscreen2 = "JOY3_BUTTON2,KEY_B" InputAutoTrigger2 = 1 ; Analog guns (Ocean Hunter, LA Machineguns) InputAnalogGunLeft = "KEY_LEFT" ; digital, move gun left InputAnalogGunRight = "KEY_RIGHT" ; digital, move gun right InputAnalogGunUp = "KEY_UP" ; digital, move gun up InputAnalogGunDown = "KEY_DOWN" ; digital, move gun down InputAnalogGunX = "MOUSE_XAXIS,JOY1_XAXIS" ; analog, full X axis InputAnalogGunY = "MOUSE_YAXIS,JOY1_YAXIS" ; analog, full Y axis InputAnalogTriggerLeft = "KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1,MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON" InputAnalogTriggerRight = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2,MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON" InputAnalogGunLeft2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunRight2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunUp2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunDown2 = "NONE" InputAnalogGunX2 = "JOY3_XAXIS,JOY1_XAXIS,JOY2_XAXIS,JOY4_XAXIS" InputAnalogGunY2 = "JOY3_YAXIS,JOY1_YAXIS,JOY2_YAXIS,JOY4_YAXIS" InputAnalogTriggerLeft2 = "JOY3_BUTTON1,KEY_C" InputAnalogTriggerRight2 = "JOY3_BUTTON2,KEY_B"
  8. yeah if we could control 2 mice with touchmote that would be ideal. I also tried this program , and only was able to get one mouse successfully http://home.exetel.com.au/amurgshere/wiimouse.phtml it does seem like it is a good alternative to touchmote though as can do other things. Someone on this form mentioned they had sega model 2 working, with glovepie 2 players, however i think its likely with the joystick mode and not pointer. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=122350.0
  9. I got TS 2 working with touchmote, only one player ( the mouse) , cant seem to figure out joystick.
  10. Hi I am wondering if this can be solved with AHK? does anyone have experience with loading an additional app before the emulator loads? I am loading an app (touchmote ) that is causing mame to lose focus(which means I need to alt tab back into mame) any idea on how to solve this?
  11. Will do. I am working on getting touchmote loaded and closed autoamtically for mame games first. I set touchmote software settings to hook to application mame64 and now its loading the correct profile. Only problem is mame loses focus on launch when touchmote loads and I have to press alt tab to get back in. Trying to figure out if there is a script of some sort I can launch to regain focus automatically.
  12. I found this for Model 2, will test out. http://dragonking.arcadecontrols.com/static.php?page=aboutTS2 I am also wondering if anyone uses glovepie
  13. Also has anyone got this working with Sega model 2? Specifically House of the dead
  14. Thanks for the reply. Overall Touchmote works, however I ran into a couple of other issues. Anyone else experiencing the same? I setup lauchhbox to load the touchmote app before entering a light gun game and then kill it after exit a game (the reason why is because I need 4 xinput devices available for other systems when not playing light guns) . 1) when touchmote loads before the mame game, it causes mame 0.174 to lose focus causing me to pick up the mouse to click on mame, and when I go back into mame I cant see anything(black screen) without restarting the game, same happens if I hold the home button on the wii mote software to switch profiles , mame needs to be restarted. 2) After 5 to 10 min of inactivity Touchmote seems to lose the profile on the wiimote and it needs to be reset. 3) I had trouble with games like lethal enforcers for player 2(xbox 360 joystick) shooting off the screen as when it gets to the edge of the screen it kind of loses focus some how. I think this can be solved though with a reload button I have to look as I didn't see one in the menu. ( I set off screen reload button 2 in the main options. otherwise its surprising how well the joystick works as a cursor. Other than those 2 issues I am really impressed, I played time crisis with my wiimote gun and disabled the cursor which made it feel a lot better. I just wish I could get it to load up a little smoother.
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