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  1. Thank you @fromlostdays I'm going to search it tomorrow probably, it's a busy day, if I won't find it I'll contact you. Have a nice day 🙂
  2. Thank you for the answer, I appreciate it. If it can't be solved, could it be bypassed with a similar system to GOG Galaxy 2.0 that put youtube's window inside the client to show the trailers? Sorry for my english.
  3. I'm having the same issue, I've started today using launchbox after few months and it doesn't download new videos plus most of the old ones, even if thye are in the folder, don't play. Did you solve it? If yes, how?
  4. Hello everybody, I have the lifetime version of Launchbox and since few months ago everything was fine. I stopped used my PC for games for a few months but now that I'm back to organize my library, I noticed the most of my videos of Steam games that in past worked, now don't. All the video files are still present in the folder of Windows, but if I click to watch the video, it doesn't start. Plus, if I try to download them again (or download videos of new games), even selecting the overwrite option, Launchbox doesn't download them. What is happening? This option is essential for me, please help me fix it. Sorry for my english and thank you for the help.
  5. Greetings everybody, a simple question: is it possible to rename a ROM like the name present in LB? I've renemed about 1000 games while scraping but my ROMS have the same name, so I could have problems trying to re-import them another time. Today is going to arrive my raspberry pi so I would like to copy my roms from LB to it, avoiding to rename them again in Retropie. I know the question was asked years ago, but I don't know if meanwhile a solution has been implemented. Sorry for my english and thank you. EDIT: Please even if somebody knows that it isn't possible, just tell me, I prefer knowing that than waiting an answer that doesn't exist.
  6. That's the problem, there are too many games to change the emulator for every single one, plus I have to do it again for NES, SNES, SEGA Mega Drive and Gameboy Advance. I feel like I wasted my license, so much work to do again and until then the license will end That Retroarch ruined my day once again.
  7. I'm having the same problem. I changed my emulators trying again Retroarch (not working well as always, so removed again) and when I've changed emulators again, Launchbox says the same thing. I'm getting crazy trying to resolve it, and I really don't want to remove all my games and setup them again honestly, it takes too long. PS: excuse my bad english.
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