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  1. Yes and that seems to have resolved the issue as I have a score posted now. Thank You
  2. I think that I solved my cheats enable issue. It was already disabled in the MAME settings file but enabled in the Plug In settings. I disabled it but am still having an issue. Please review the attached log file. Debug 2020-10-25 02-58-26 PM.log
  3. What about the cheat and cheatfind settings in the MAME plugin.ini file? Both of those are set to on.
  4. I am using Mame .220. My system isn't uploading High Scores and I am get this message in the log file: "Aborting MameHighScores.Parse: MAME appears to have cheats enabled." The issue is that I don't even have the cheats installed, so it is not possible for them to be enabled. Please Advise on how to resolve this. Debug 2020-10-11 04-34-58 PM.log Debug 2020-10-11 02-48-45 PM.log
  5. The score is not for a game that is in the 220 build. The reason that I put together the 196 build was because the rom for the game in question did not have a working 220 version.
  6. I have 2 MAME LaunchBox builds. One for version .196 and another for .220. I started off with just the .220 build and found that some roms didn't work, so then I created the .196 build. When I get a high score on the .220 build it gets uploaded to the Leader boards but on the .196 build it doesn't. The score from the game is created in the "hi" folder but never gets read and uploaded by LaunchBox. Everything is configured correctly in the .196 build. Does anyone have any insight as to why this isn't working?
  7. I am only interested in using the front end for arcade games. I would like BigBox to startup directly in my Arcade platform. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? All responses are greatly appreciated.
  8. I really like this theme as it was my deciding factor in purchasing a BigBox license. Is there anyway to turn off the weather information at the top right hand side of the screen?
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