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  1. I have owned a forever license for a while... LB/BB is by the far the best frontend around and is well worth the increased price, however the short period of time this increase happened (Wed-Fri) was extremely short notice, and also a week before payday, when people were more likely to be waiting to purchase the license. It would have possibly been better to increase at the start of March to give people the opportunity to get paid and give them enough notice to buy at the older prices.
  2. CrossyX

    2 Controllers?

    I do not know if this is possible or not... I have everything up and running fine, and for the most part I use a custom joystick I built for arcade games and for console systems I use an Xbox One Controller. Is there anyway I can use both, for example when I want to use the Xbox One controller for Arcade, it partly works, but because the buttons on my joystick are mapped differently than the Xbox One controller it doesn't work particularly well. Thanks.
  3. Ok... So I figured this out, but ill leave it here for anyone that ever comes across this... ridiculous that steam was using my joystick as a keyboard/mouse on the Windows desktop. I had to go in to - Steam Big Picture mode Open Settings - Under Controller select Base Configurations, then Desktop Configuration, Browse Configs and then disable the bottom config.
  4. I have had launch box up and running for almost 6 months or so now and have had no issues. All of a sudden, the button that is mapped to "Insert Coin" is also doubling up as the "Tab Button" so it brings up the MAME menu. I have checked in MAME and the menu button is just mapped to the tab key, Any ideas?
    Love it, would be Awesome if it said "Back To The Arcade"
  5. Stunning theme, thank you. I tried to install from theme manager but had issues, even after reboot, refresh images. I downloaded the Zip from here and installed it that way and everything looks and works fine. You will probably get a few people asking as the official Launchbox Youtube channel has a video showing how to install your theme via theme manager in the latest 10.0 release video. Thanks again.
  6. Apologies for the late reply I have only just got around to trying this. However, I still cannot get any of the images to work. As I said I have all platforms working with videos and images, clear art, etc.... it is just the categories, developers etc (folders in the image below) that still just have no images or clear art of backgrounds. I have followed the instructions and still no joy. I have attached an image to show where I have placed the files. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I did read that within the instructions, however, that is not the case for these folders. After I click into one of the folders its just the art itself, not other files that say view and images. So the folder up after the ones I posted look like the below. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have read through that I can not see where it says to place the below folders/files (In the image) Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have looked but cannot find an answer to where these are placed. I am using the refried theme and I have clear art for platforms, games etc and all video collections, however, there is no art for game collections (2 players, fighting driving, shooters etc) I have all the images/art but I have no idea where to place them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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