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  1. Wow, it was so easy and I couldn't find it Many thanks to all for your help.
  2. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I didn't find the option to create a new category.
  3. I edited the image because I don't have a saved print. But if not mistaken there was a categorical Playlist.
  4. But before there was the playlist category there too, because your I put in root will be all appearing on the main screen of BigBox.
  5. Please, can some body help me? @Jason Carr
  6. Playlist category no longer appears in BigBox and in the options of Copiers, Consoles, Notebooks, etc ... I have several playlists created, but only have the option to show them in one of these other categories.
  7. Changing the text size scale and intens to 100% in windows settings solved the error, but as I use a 46 inch TV everything in windows ended up getting very small. Is there no way to fix it?
  8. Here my resolution is 1080p and still it cuts parts of the theme, especially in the view that shows the back box on the right side. This error also occurs in the startup theme, which carts and boxes are also cut.☹️
  9. (Sorry my bad English) I have been a moderator of the database since the beginning and at various times I come across wrong changes requested by bad people who just want to get in the way. He wanted to know if a function could be added to identify or even ban these malicious people.
  10. Is there any intention of adding support for Bezels as well? Because if you add Bezels support you will no longer have to use the Rocket Launcher.
  11. Here the theme is getting very crashing, and the settings on my PC are very high. Can you solve this?
  12. About playlists you have to take into account the playlists in which there are no systems with the same name in RL. Capcom Play System II, Capcom Play System III, Cave, Data East Classics, Irem Classics, Konami Classics, Midway Classics, Namco Classics, Namco System 22, Nintendo Classics, Sega Classics, Sega ST-V, SNK Classics, SNK Neo Geo MVS, Taito Classics and Williams Classics. As for custom playlists like 2 Players, Best Beat 'n Up, Best Shotter, etc ..., they do not exist in RL by default, so I do not know the best solution in this case. @Jason Carr
  13. Can not solve this in the future or ask the people of Rocketlauncher to solve?
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