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  1. Vandango- I don't have any issues launching gun games from LB/BB, although. I recall having issues when I initially was setting it up! I would suggest you watch Maverick's Arcade channel on how to set up ultimarc light guns- Follow it very carefully and you will get it to work as they can be a little tricky to get right.
  2. funny enough- I went to check on this and enter the script only to find that it is there- and that it functions as prescribed.....I must have found it posted somewhere across the interwebs and applied .. Thanks for your help!
  3. small update to this- very odd indeed I could not get MAME to hold controller settings at all no matter what I did- so I did a fresh install set everything up and am pleased to report that controller settings hold true between power-ups. I ran a comparison between all the plugin files, MAME.ini files and ctrlr files between fresh install and non working install- line by line on split screen. They were identical in every respect except that one held controller setup and the other didn't. I'm curious has anyone else experienced this or do . I just put it down to a computer glitch?
  4. thanks Syntax- I have controller automation already checked and works great for all the other emulators- I will try this script out on PCSX2 and see how we go. thanks again-
  5. Thanks Lord- here's the clincher the controllers are all wired, if I keep them plugged in all is OK, but if I unplug them the data is wiped. Initially the ini was set as read only and turned read/write on just incase MAME tried to overwrite and couldn't...... It looks like I may just have to do a fresh install-
  6. Good Morning/Evening one and all- I don't profess to be an expert on MAME and clearly the fact that I have pulled what hair I have left out indicates this- here is the plot: Had MAME 0.185 working nice and sweet, thousands of Roms, had both my XBox 360 game pads and both my obsidian fightsticks configured as Player 1 and 2.....something snapped in me, decided I would upgrade to newer version (MAMEUI64), create a custom MAME romlist, artwork, bezels etc, get my light gun games on a separate playlist and configure one single lightgun... So i did all this, upgraded BIOS files, downloaded updated CHD'd etc, configured all my controllers and everything was sweet, I was happy playing games and saving hiscores on MAMEUI- then I turned off the PC. When I rebooted no controller configurations- ini files set to read/write and MAMEUI running in admin mode, even tried autosave on exit and that didn't work. Fortunately I still had the previous MAME 0.185 still on the computer, pointed LB to MAME 0.185 all games load but no controls- as it stands I have just downloaded a clean MAME 0.185 and will do a complete re-install, but I really do not want to do that and do all the work again... I am at a loss!! any ideas- please anyone..
  7. I was going to suggest to check the Mame.ini and ctrlr file and ensure all the appropriate controls are set up right, particularly with respect to the ctrlr file.. I just set 1x Aimtrac light gun up last night with the help of Mavericks Arcade tutorial and aside from a couple of issues with calibration/tracking on windows side- MAME was a doddle, worked a treat with no issues in LB/BB save for a couple of games- My only issues are with T2 and Rambo where I have some odd things happening--- in T2 the cross hairs will move to aim but when I depress the trigger to fire, the gun fires but no where near where the cross hairs are pointing in Rambo the cross hairs do not move at all but the when I press the trigger it fires dead centre in the crosshairs. both these games are adstick games I think?? so in MAME, I have configured both lightgun X and Y axes and adstick X and Y axes- but no luck, I can not understand why it isn't working....any ideas??
  8. Dos76- worked a charm! I think the thing that made it easy for me was that my emulators and romsets were on D and launch box was on linking to Emulator and romsets in D. So I could move the folder anywhere on my computer as long as I didn’t also move the emulator and romsets folder.. The initial boot up on launchbox was painfully slow, but subsequent boots were super fast....tested, steam, origin, windows games all worked a treat as did all my platforms....all high scores were also present as were achievements So once again I really want to thank you Dos for suggesting I copy/past/test as always every time I have asked for help on this forum, the advice has been on point and quick....this is an awesome application and the forum is just as good!! thank you again
  9. Thanks Dos76- not sure why I didn't think about that myself given I just did the same type of thing with my Dropbox folder. I will give it a shot and see what happens
  10. My sincerest apologies if I am repeating stuff issues that have already been addressed, however I have searched forums and can’t find an appropriate response, so as the noob that I am I have to ask again- problem: running out space on c drive which is a small SSD background: lanchbox/bigbox app is hosted on C drive with shortcuts on the desktop emulators and roms are hosted on D drive Question: Can I just move launchbox to D drive and my problem goes away or do I have to edit .xml files and relink to D drive? many thanks and apologies if I have repeated stuff others may have asked previously..
  11. chaps good-evening I just set up PCSX2 in LB/BB- I tried to escape out of the emulator using my preset hotkeys and it wouldn't work. All other systems I have set-up exit without a hitch when i hit tje hotkeys...any help for this noob greatly appreciated!!
  12. All good chaps- folder uploaded nearly 3000 games in the system and they all work seamlessly....I am stoked with this and of course everyone's help! got the games nice and crisp! thanks all
  13. I will try it- I have just uploaded a massive folder of games so LB is downloading all the meta-data- given my internet speeds, this will likely take days for me- so some downtime for now from a MAME perspective but that doesn't stop me playing some Tekken 7 or marvel Vs Capcom infinite-----lol thanks again all!
  14. So tonight I successfully set up MAME on LB- Thank you to all for pointing me in the right direction! At the end of the day the emulator was pointing to the wrong folder so once I changed it in the UI of MAME everything worked nicely.... now to tinker with the UI and see if I can get it to display nice an crisp on my screen. Loaded my two favorite games, 1942 and Galaga, worked a treat and top scores saved as well (something i didn't expect) thanks again to Lordmonkus and NJDave71 for pointing me in the right direction- I hope one day to learn enough to be able to inturn help someone out in the future!
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