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  1. Hey guys, I usually don't request things but I would love to see themes for these two classics. I swear someone made a theme for File 2 over at Hyperspin but I can't seem to find it. File 1 isn't the official title for the first Outbreak it's just what fans refer to it as, even though it's simply called Resident Evil - Outbreak. -thanks!
  2. The_Keeper86

    Neon Platorm Clear Logos

    Thanks buddy!
  3. The_Keeper86

    Neon Platorm Clear Logos

    Could you do one for PS3?
  4. The_Keeper86

    Coming soon, Neo Geo Marquees v2.0

    I like night mode 3 myself
  5. The_Keeper86


    I see it now. I should've read the page. Sorry about that.
  6. The_Keeper86


    I know I can do this by changing the system names in Launchbox which is probably what I'll end up doing but I was wondering before doing that would it be possible to have the system name shorter in Steam? For example instead of saying game name (Sony Playstation 2) it could say game name (PS2) ? I hope this makes sense.
  7. My main games I play on PCSX2 are Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak File 2 (Japanese versions since they're both back online as of 2013 via a private server) Both run excellent, however Outbreak File 1 has been lagging in certain areas for about a year now. I've tried different settings too. It's weird as I've never had this problem before especially considering that File 2 runs perfectly fine. I use OpenGL so I'm gonna try your settings for File 1. I run the latest svn and my specs are Windows 10 Pro x64 i7 4790k @4.7ghz 32gb ram SSD (Windows) These two games are usually my Friday and Saturday night online party games LOL.
  8. The_Keeper86

    The Best Games by Console - A project

    Awesome work man! I have a few suggestions for PS2. Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 and 2 which is still a lot of fun to play online. Resident Evil Dead Aim, Fatal Frame 1-3 and Haunting Ground and Clock Tower 3. Funny all these are survival horror games
  9. The_Keeper86


    I played with it Saturday night and haven't had any issues. At least non regarding the UI taking focus. Looks like it might be fixed!
  10. The_Keeper86


    Downloading now and will test tonight! Thanks so much for taking my request!
  11. The_Keeper86


    That might do the trick man. I don't know much about programming. Just suggestions. I never understood why Valve never added an option to to close Steam to the tray after exiting BPM. It's been requested since the first BPM beta or whatever lol. Hopefully you figured something out
  12. The_Keeper86


    I was wondering if maybe an ahk script that could close the Steam desktop ui after exiting a game would help? I'm not sure if it's possible to create but just a suggestion.
  13. The_Keeper86


    That's strange. Sounds like its more to do with the emulators rather than the roms/games.
  14. The_Keeper86


    No problem I'm glad I can help! I use a PS4 controller and have Steam set to turn it off after exiting BPM. The only emulator I've been using with your plugin so far has been PCSX2. After exiting the game the controller still remains on which is fine. Since this seems to be happening with you too it's most likely not the emulator. This might be hard to pinpoint since it happens randomly. Anything I can do to help please let me know!
  15. The_Keeper86


    No problem man I figured you'd reply sooner or later If you could fix the plugin so it would work with non-Steam Windows games that would be great! If not, I'll still get a lot of use out of this plugin! Yeah, the Steam UI popping up after exiting a game via BPM mode is random. I played a few games Friday night it happened twice but Saturday night playing the same games it didn't happen. If that too can't be fixed again I'll still get lots of use from this plugin. I just wanted to point these two things out