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  1. That and the past 17 years of using Linux I could never find any good frontend
  2. Yeah, it's a shame really but I understand Jason is busy working on new updates etc. Wish we had some more Linux gurus to help with this.
  3. So far I tried the Steam script and it launched my game! I was hoping someone like you would come along with something this. I use the startup screens which do work but setting the time to say 11 seconds to give the game time to start the startup screen seems to only last like 3 seconds. Might have to do with the bat file or wine who knows. Also is the Dolphin script for the native Linux version? Thanks again!
  4. I've used Steam which worked fine and when I had a Shield I used that as well which also seemed to work fine.
  5. Has anyone reached out to Gamingonlinux or other Linux communities? We definitely need more Linux users here. It's weird because a few years ago quite a few were asking for a Linux version.
  6. I recently moved my PCSX2 directory and now the configuration is greyed out. Do I have to set the emu directory? I checked the settings file but didn't see any path option.
  7. Yeah, I've had to change it a few times after it kept changing back myself in the past. Haven't had it happen in awhile though. Hopefully @Lahma can chime in on this.
  8. LOL @ Rambo on the cover of Contra Thanks for sharing!
  9. For some reason the plugin will sometimes remove the emulator and instead add in its place "SteamLauncherProxy.exe" as the emulator. I had this problem in the past with PCSX2. Most likely the same issue here.
  10. @jlarsen1981 I'm not sure if this will help but I always exit my games using Big Picture mode. It closes Big Picture mode/Steam and goes back to Big Box no problem
  11. Glad to see this will be continued! I don't expect a native port as like you said it would take years!
  12. @Jason Carr Glad to help. I'm surprised as well at how little this has gained attention. Glad it isn't abandoned though. I'm still looking for a reason why Steam games won't launch without any success.
  13. I'm surprised this doesn't more replies. I know lots of users seemed to want this a few years back. Hopefully it isn't abandoned.
  14. I wonder what would happen if you use the install script on the first page like normal then just copy over 1.8 from your Windows install? I don't see why that wouldn't work. I might try it myself as well. Figured I'd throw that out there.
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