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  1. I never got an email so guess I didn't win I'm definitely grabbing one right before my year runs out
  2. I have a year license that runs out in October. I'm planning on getting a forever license before this one expires. Figured I'd enter
  3. Very nice!! I've always loved this theme in Kodi.
  4. I got it working despite Reshade showing an error in red. I found a nice Sweetfx setting for PCSX2 on their forum but of course it doesn't want to work
  5. I'm having a very difficult time getting this to work with PCSX2 have you tried? It just crashes PCSX2 for me
  6. an easier way would definitely be awesome! I'm guessing Hyperspin is required as well? Yeah, I totally understand your lack of time. You've done an awesome job getting these out as quick as you have been. Like I said I'd definitely love to help especially if you find an easier method. Yeah, I doubt alot of the Windows games have videos either. I would probably have just recorded themes for games I have. Release them then go from there since I know my games have videos even though most are those Steam trailers.
  7. Thanks for these! I was just checking Hyperspin's theme page there are so many amazing ones I'd love to see especially for Windows. Is there any way I can help or are these hard to capture?
  8. Sweet! Looking forward to them. Too bad more can't contribute. I tried looking for a guide in the past but couldn't find anything.
  9. Awesome! Can you do some of the PS2 themes? I know there used to be a theme for Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 which is definitely one I want
  10. Really sweet idea! I guess it'd be better if it could be made to be more automatic if that makes sense?
  11. Looks sweet! You should've added the Resident Evil REmake since it was originally exclusive to the GC but its no big deal
  12. Sweet thanks for the update!
  13. Can confirm the latest update works. Thanks!!
  14. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I put the dll in the plugins folder, unblock it but when I right click a game and select configure pcsx2 settings I get this error. Error
  15. Very awesome theme! Though is there a way to download just front vertical covers from the cover project? i didn't see an option anywhere.