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  1. It isn't a dumb a question I have this problem too sometimes. It's random.
  2. Could try this plugin which seems to work https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/51888-ps3-ebootbin-bulk-importer/
  3. Anyone? Maybe an ahk script could work after the gui loads ie PS4 xmb loads up? I have a button on my mce remote mapped to alt enter which works but still. Kinda silly the app doesn't stay in full screen after each start up? /
  4. I've been using remote play for PC a lot lately and was wondering if it's possible to somehow force the app to start in full screen? It's annoying having to do it with the mouse each time lol.
  5. My library just shows a black screen until I restart Steam lol. Not sure why they pushed the new library update so quick as much as I do like the new layout.
  6. Yeah, I figured that out. No rush on the update though take your time
  7. Yeah, doing that weird thing where it loads the last game you played LOL
  8. Nice first theme! I'd love to see one for Daymare 1998
  9. This happened to me as well last night as much as I love the new layout I'm gonna revert back to stable.
  10. Thanks! I didn't think about that but appreciate it either way!
  11. Could you do one for Daymare: 1998? It isn't in the db yet but I added it it's still waiting approval I think.
  12. Really cool thanks!
  13. Haven't tried the beta but the new backup system will definitely be a much welcomed addition!
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