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  1. Really cool thanks!
  2. Haven't tried the beta but the new backup system will definitely be a much welcomed addition!
  3. Did one last fresh install on the same HDD then copied everything from my old LB folder to the new one and it worked. I had two corrupt xml files which LB told me about.
  4. Where are the xml files located? And how do I restore the backups? I have a a lot of them in the backups folder.. I'm sorry if I'm being a pain
  5. I installed it to a new folder and of course it launched. Must be something corrupted in my LB folder.
  6. Hey Jason, thanks for replying! Yeah, I tried that a few times and it still won't launch neither will BB. I'll keep trying. I've refreshed and cleaned installed Windows 10 several times in the past and never had this issue. I know it has to be a Windows issue.
  7. I recently did a refresh (reset) of Windows 10 and Launchbox nor BigBox won't open at all. I installed all VC 2015, did a DXweb install etc but still it won't open. I even tried a fresh install of LB on a different drive and it just stays on "initializing" Any ideas what it could be? I don't have River installed. I did an sfc scan via an admin cmd and got this. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For offline repairs, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag. I'd hate to do a clean install as I just got everything set back up LOL
  8. Nice! Would you be bale to make some themes for the PS2 Resident Evil games such as the Outbreak games and Dead Aim?
  9. Would definitely love to see Steam achievements support in views and that Android thing sounds interesting! Was hoping RPCS3 trophy support was in the poll ha ha.
  10. Amazing collection! Wish there was a way to batch download them all!
  11. Sounds awesome! No worries on the delay. Also no rush at least for me
  12. I noticed this as well. I sent him a message on Steam. Just waiting for his reply. I'm sure he's busy.
  13. I'd like to request a clear logo for Blue Stinger Japanese version (it has different camera angles compared to the Us and Eur versions and is also uncut) Hope these can help!
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