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  1. @Velkien Are you using the latest PCSX2 builds? If so you'll get errors like this. Use the one the plugin was made for
  2. Yeah, its a very strange issue ha ha. I have him on Steam I'll try messaging him.
  3. Oh yeah, I didn't think about that. I guess @Jason Carr would probably have to implement trophy support if we don't get plugin support for the pause menu. Either way thanks!
  4. @jayjay Awesome I left it as is. Everything seems to work great so I really appreciate you working on this so quickly! I usually launch mine through LB/BB so not biggie there. Now if only we could view them through the pause menu this will be perfect! Thanks again
  5. Seems to work great so far! Also like how I can view them in LB now so thanks for that! I didn't get any errors. I also didn't change my directory in the text do I need to change it? Didn't seem to effect anything leaving it as is.
  6. Thanks! That worked for me well sorta if I did everything correct. Basically I took all my multi disc chds and moved them to a temp folder, edited the bat like with the code you provided with the temp directory and ran the bat it worked great except it put the m3u files inside the game folders which wasn't a big deal as I just moved the chds and m3u files back to my PS1 folder.
  7. Thanks! Sadly it just creates a Sony Playstation.m3us file with a list of all my PS1 games in chd weird ha ha.
  8. Seems to work just fine so far! Appreciate the fast response and fix for this. Anything else I can do to help? Also would it be possible to view the trophies in LB as well? Sorry for the late reply. I never got a notification you replied.
  9. Hey, sorry for the late response. I'm using City Hunter atm and yes its named exactly like that.
  10. The scrapper would probably have to pull them from a database like this one which is where I get mine from usually
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