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  1. Just installed 11.4, and I've got the same error as Nokiaman above.
  2. Did you have the previous version already installed? or just trying it out for the first time?.. The link above is for the Alpha .DLL file only; you still need the other 5 files that come with the plugin when downloaded from the forums, and they all need to be in the folder: Launchbox/Plugins/SteamLauncher/
  3. Thought that was the case, I'm just a bit rusty on the details with this stuff... Many thanks guys, I'm off to sort out my Library again...
  4. Thanks for the swift response, and for confirming what I was dreading, now I just need to check my whole library again haha So, if I unzipped all the archives containing multiple regions, then zipped them all separately to save space; will Launchbox import each ROM as a separate game listing? Or should it then import just 1 game, choosing the Region based on my specifications? Thanks again
  5. A lot of my ROMs are zip files, containing different region versions of each game. Recently I've noticed Launchbox/Retroarch seems to be picking a random region each time it launches, rather than following the region priorities I specified in Launchbox Settings. Do I need to Re-import my ROMs? Or does anyone know of anything else I could try first?
  6. I think last time I tested (my setup is changing constantly btw, so makes it harder to pin things down) everything worked fine when I used a single-monitor setup. Plugin, startup/shutdown, pause screens, steam overlay,.. since then I've been messing with displayfusion a bit (I suspect certain taskbar settings might affect which target monitor is used etc), as well as altering the setup by switching back to dual-monitor. The plugin itself seems to be working great when theres nothing else to "confuse" it.., thanks again!
  7. I think I've been having this issue too, I thought it was something to do with my dual-monitor setup. I'll do some testing in a few hours and let you guys know if I find anything relevant. @JedExodus are you using dual-monitors too?
  8. That summed up what I was thinking after voting. I'm also pleasantly surprised at how many votes some of these "weeds" are getting, I thought there'd be more votes for the shiny new android prospects.
  9. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here)... Launchbox is a portable install, so you should be able to straight-up copy your install to another location whenever you want, then you can make changes to 1 install and simply overwrite the changes to the duplicate.
  10. Something I'm going to try later in the week: Launchiing a multiplayer game from launchbox, via steamlauncher, then joining the game from another PC using Parsec. I don't imagine there'dd be any problems with the plugin itself, but Steam and Parsec might not play nice together in terms of controller input conflict... I'll update when I've had a go, if anyone else is interested to know the result?... Parsec Netplay anyone?
  11. PCSX2 configurator never worked for me with previous versions of Steamlauncher, but this time round I think all I needed to do was install this version, and restart my PC, so I think my "fail" was false, i.e. no actual issues with the plugin itself.
  12. I just tried to launch a few of the Windows games I have in launchbox, and it's coming up with a "Failed to Launch Shortcut " error. I'm guessing this is the .exe thing you mentioned previously? Can you let me know what to change in the config to get it working? (I messaged you on Steam as well) Cheers
  13. I just tried it out again, and it's now working correctly with all my current emulators: Retroarch, Demul, Dolphin, Cemu, and even PCSX2, including the configurator plugin! I think other than the inital path fix, all I really did was restart my pc and everything worked fine this time,.. awesome work, thanks again!
  14. For some reason my emulator paths for PCSX2, Dolphin, andd Cemu had been changed to point to Steam.exe, I changed the paths back and got Dolphin and Cemu working ok, and PCSX2 loaded, just without the pcsx2 configurator settings. Ive enabled debug logging in the plugin config, I'll run a few games/systems and send you my logs shortly.
  15. Just tried it out, and I'm getting the opposite of Voodox, above. Every game/system I tried that uses Retroarch works fine, but PCSX2 and Dolphin dont load, just loads the Steam client window. I'm also using the PCSX2 Configurator plugin, whiich might be complicating things, but would be great if the 2 plugins could be used together. I'm going to try a few more things, will post here if I have any more luck,.. does work great for Retroarch for me though, great job Lahma, thanks again
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