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  1. Alright, this is a problem that I've had for a few months now, but only now just got the time to focus on fixing it. Earlier this year, my PC kicked the bucket, though my storage drives survived whatever the flying fuck happened. Anyways, after getting what is a much better HTPC setup, I have been trying to get Big Box to work. Launchbox by itself will work, but for whatever reason, Big Box just doesn't want to cooperate. And yes, I did reinstall it, move my license file over to the new installation, and shit still didn't work. I've also made sure it's updated to the latest version! It just hangs until I kill it via the Task Manager. Why won't Big Box start in any way, shape, or form now?
  2. No offense, but this is not at all how the Dreamcast navigation noises are supposed to sound. It may sound like this on nullDC or some other emulator, but as someone who still has a Dreamcast, these sounds just aren't accurate to the actual system. Just disappointed as I loved the DC's navigation sounds for its BIOS menu.
  3. Dead link for preview. What is it, an intro with Smooth Criminal playing?
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