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  1. @Jason CarrFor future versions of launchbox is there any way you can implement adding .pdf files for strategy guides through a folder add. Maybe launchbox/images/super nintendo/strategy guides/Super Metroid (USA, JPN)/STRATEGY GUIDE.PDF and have it just pull from the folder instead of adding them all individually through additional apps, especially because I have many FAQs and Guides. I already have a plethora of guides setup through rocket launcher but would love them to all be through launchbox from now on, hopefully without having to rename them all.
  2. I accidentally imported scummvm roms to the all systems. What is the best way to find these roms and move these roms to the proper place?
  3. More than anything I love the pause feature of rocket launcher. I have been following retrohumanoid for several years now making my transition from hyperspin to the smart decision of paying for launchbox. But nevertheless I have been hoping that pause would take priority with launchbox. I have several of my favorite games loaded to the brim with the full soundtracks, artwork, strategy guides, moves lists, FAQs, cheat codes, previews and commercials for the game, magazine articles about it. I feel like pause completes the experience.
  4. Most game videos are about 30 seconds long and have not been an issue for the most part except now I have started using the YouTube scraper for movies and the previews are all longer than 30 seconds. So is there a way to have attract start once a video is completed before it moves to the next. That would help for the extended videos in the console setselection.
  5. I am an Idiot. I was watching the tutorial, and the first thing he did each time was assign a platform. Yeah, I walked away after this post for about an hour, took a fresh look at it and laughed at myself pretty hard. I came up with "Genre" "is equal to" "Racing". Nothing like making something easy way harder than it has to be. Thanks for the quick response! Launchbox RULES!
  6. How do I set up a New Playlist that shows all racing games from all consoles, computers, and handhelds without manually setting each "Platform" "is equal to" "whatever console". Maybe like an "Platform" "is equal to" "All"? And it looks like I can't easily modify the playlist for the Arcade that is Auto Generated like "Fighting games". Your suggestions for genres of each category are great if I could just add all the consoles easily.
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