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  1. Hello LaunchBox Community, What are your thoughts on Games DB and LaunchBox adding serials (like catalogue numbers)? An example will be SLUS-00001 which is for Air Combat. I think it is great to have it. Regards!
  2. Hello LaunchBox Community, What are your thoughts on having other video game rating systems to be included in Games DB and LaunchBox? I think not only ESRB should be included but others too since there are different regions of video games with its region of ratings. I think it will be great if these were added (alphabetical order): 3DO Rating aDeSe Rating Apple Rating BBFC Rating CCE (IGAC) Rating CERO Rating ClassInd COIAO Rating DJCTQ Rating ELSPA Rating EOCS ESRB Rating FPB Rating GRB GSSR IFCO Rating Kijkwijzer Rating KMRB Rating OFLC (Australia) Rating OFLC (New Zealand) Rating PEGI Rating RSAC Rating SEGA Rating SELL Rating TIGRS Rating USK Rating VET/SFB Rating VRC Rating I think it will be a lot of work, but as a whole, we can accomplish it.
  3. Hello LaunchBox Community Forums, I am new here, and I am thankful for being in this community—thank you for having me here. I would like to kindly provide suggestions: What do you think of adding the missing ESRB ratings to Games DB and LaunchBox software? AO - Adults Only (it is missing in Games DB) KA - Kids to Adults (it is missing in Games DB and LaunchBox; there are a lot of Sony PlayStation 1 video games with that rating) Any thoughts? Regards!
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