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  1. Thanks. The new upload has fixed my issue. LaunchBox now loads on my device.
  2. LG G8ThinQ Model Number: LM-G820TM Haven't tested current version with any of my other devices yet.
  3. I'm having the same issue as Vader above me. App crashes as soon as I try to launch it. It was working earlier so I believe it to be an issue with 0.28
  4. I'm using an Nvidia Shield TV Pro. I'm having an issue while I'm browsing. If I try to navigate down it keeps trying to scroll back up to the top. It's like "up" is being held down on another controller. This doesn't always happen, but it does happen a lot. If there is a solution, please do tell. Sorry if It's a repeat post. Just wanted to get my issue out there. Besides that issue, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I look forward to future updates. Edit: Seems that my issue is with my controllers right joystick. Somethings wrong with the deadzones on it. It's the official Nvidia Shield controller btw (second version). Will test with my other one, but I don't think I will have further problems. I didn't realize that you could navigate the menus with the right joystick. lol
  5. @sasquatch I think it would be possible, but it would require writing a whole new program to create and manage all the settings. That of course is all dependent on the author of this plugin. I think it would be great idea. IMO it should be laid out similar to a spreadsheet where you can see every game listed down the vertical collum and every changeable setting being listed down the horizontal collum. Example: you could quickly choose which games you want to allow for widescreen display and which ones for standard. As this plugin stands right now. It can't manage more than one game at a time. Sorry
  6. @alec100_94 Thanks! That completely solved all my problems. Sorry it took me so long to get back to checking your message. I've been busy with the holidays and haven't had much time to work on my Launchbox setup.
  7. Managed to get past that error. It was a memory card error. I fixed it by opening the game and creating memory cards. I then was able to get to the automatic config download option. I then received a different error message.
  8. I'm still new to the forums. Just came across the support page for this program. I'm having issues with the automatic configs downloading. I've tried different games. Tried renaming them. They all have been named correctly in accordance to launchbox db. I'm also receiving an error. Any idea where I can find the whole log? I would like to be able to read it in it's entirety.
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