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  1. I figured with the repeating numbers. Not being a tattle tale, just noticing stuff like that here and there. Some folks are legit good at games (that Wolfanoz guy in particular!)
  2. Yyyyyeah, this Three Stooges / user score is HIGHLY suspect.
  3. Yeah, it worked for a minute. Got a score to show up for Robotron. Tried to play Scramble, no dice on high score. Something's off still. That's with the game appropriate ROM and all the settings with MAMEUI64.
  4. Can confirm all the steps above haven't worked until now from ActionOnion's post. Hats off. Time to get moving on leaderboards. ;)
  5. Thanks NJDave! Excuse me for my ignorance, is there a way to also ditch the opening "initalizing" screen with that white border, in other words, just have it black loading into a game? LordMonkus said set skip_gameinfo 1 but that's already set in the mame.ini. Thanks!
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