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  1. I can confirm that this version has installed on my NVidia Shield without any issues. Thanks @Jason Carr for the speedy fix! When I get a chance I will add some roms.
  2. The new beta loads faster and works better on my GPD XD Plus than 6. Thanks Jason! Hopefully I can figure out the whole NVidia Shield issue.
  3. I'm sorry but I followed the above steps and received the same result..
  4. Looks like beta 6 is doing the same thing☹️Here's what I have gathered so far: After installing the app(either internal or external) it boots up and asks for storage permission. After I grant it the app permission it immediately crashes. I believe this is right at the creating folders message at the bottom(that may not be the exact words, it closes so fast its hard to tell.) When I re-open the app is when I get the read-only file system error and the object reference error. These messages appear at the "initialing folders.." step. The folder "com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox" is created in Android/data/ folder but no LaunchBox folder is created on the root of the storage or in the NVIDIA_SHIELD folder. I tried disconnecting my external drive but receive the same messages and outcome. What I did notice is that the Shield has a section for "special app access" and one of the option is to "Modify system settings" within that section you can choose which apps can have permissions. Unfortunately, Launchbox isn't listed but other third party apps are. Maybe in a future release a option could be added there so that the app can bypass something to enable write access. Not sure if this works or not.
  5. I have beta 4 I believe. Can you please send me the link to beta 6? Maybe that might make a difference. Nvidia Shield info- Model number P2571, Version 9, Serial version: 8.2.3(32.6.518.0)
  6. Yeah, the same situation I'm having now. I've been chatting with Jason about it. Hopefully we can figure out a solution here.
  7. I just tried that also..No dice. I even tried to copy the launchbox data folders from my phone and place it inside the NVIDIA_SHIELD folder on both storage places and on the root of both storage places..
  8. the app is installed on my external storage. I checked and the nvidia shield folder is in my internal storage. I even tried to switch my app to internal. Same errors...
  9. Unfortunately, the LaunchBox app never created this folder..
  10. I am getting a "read only file system" error on my NVidia Shield TV(2015 model). If I click OK, I then get a "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error. I tried: Installing to both internal and external storage Re-download the apk. Making sure storage permission is enabled in the app. PS: The app installs and works on my Samsung Galaxy S10 plus.
  11. Thank for the advise. That didn't fix it either. I submitted a post in Troubleshooting. Its something to do with my setup somehow. No custom themes show up. As soon as I get it sorted I will try this theme out.
  12. Hello, I'm not sure what's the issue or how long. I just noticed after trying to use Coinops Redux theme that I am unable to get any themes I've downloaded to show up. If install any theme from BigBox's menu they install and apply fine. At one point and time custom themes were working fine. I have 11.7 installed. Things that I have tried so far: unblock zip file before placing in Launchbox/Themes folder. made sure that no themes were nested inside another folder. tried multiple themes tried to see if I could change to one of them in the "views" settings of BigBox restored a few backups from months ago rebooted PC disabled antivirus software
  13. Another thing I just realized is none of the themes I place in the themes folder show up. If I download any theme from BigBox theme settings then I can apply and use those. I'm stumped..
  14. I really want to try this theme but I can't get it to show up in BB as a theme to select. I made sure I pasted the COINOPS REDUX folder to LaunchBox/Themes folder. What could I be missing? I'm running 11.7
  15. Hi Everyone, I don't know if this has been mentioned here or not. CabVol is software that helps control the wav volume on your pc. Here's how the software developer describes it: ...I threw together a small application which allows you to set a hotkey which, when held down, allows you to control your windows wave output volume using a mouse device (spinner, trackball) and/or keyboard device (joysticks/buttons connected to a keyboard interface such as IPAC or keywiz). Basically you can set it up to control cabinet volume using only arcade controls. It only works on NT/2000/XP/Vista and it requires the .NET 2.0 framework which you can download from microsoft. There are a bunch of apps like this out there, but the ones I've tried are not very cabinet friendly (requires use of the mouse scroll wheel, special 'windows' key, etc). I hope someone gets some use out of it. Links:NT/2000/XP (this build does NOT work with Windows 7 and higher): NT|2000|XP Windows 7 (ONLY works with Vista/Win7/Win8 and higher): Windows Vista + Forum: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,69901.0.html Hope someone finds this helpful! It works great on my cab!
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