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  1. Hey, what are the names of the BIOS files Phoenix needs? None of the ones I have seem to work... Is there a setting I am missing?
  2. Hey, what are the names of the BIOS files Phoenix needs? None of the ones I have seem to work... Is there a setting I am missing?
  3. So I just experimented with this a bit and got it working.... 1. First page ONLY "No space before ROMs" checked. If you check any others ROM will not load and you will see the Demul main window so you know this part is wrong. 2.Second Page Under "Default Command-Line Parameters" Dreamcast should say "-run=dc -image=" NAOMI should say "-run=naomi -customrom=" If you have NAOMI bring up a menu of NAOMI games instead of launching the games you're missing the custom part between - and rom. Hopefully this helps someone. Seems an update on either Demul or Launchbox's end broke it. ** EDIT **: Well, after further testing the NAOMI files don't actually work. It will boot but produce a message, "Error 01 This game is not acceptable by main board.". The games work correctly when I launch them from the menu that pops-up. Not sure exactly what's going on but at the very least it is in a working state... DC games load no problem and when I launch any NAOMI game I'll just have to pick it from the DEMUL menu also.
  4. Yes, there are two different Phoenix's in the emulation world. One is the front-end that doesn't look like it is being worked on any longer the other, is an emulator from some Russian folks. I should have posted a link to clarify... (http://www.arts-union.ru/node/23) I am trying to navigate their forums to see if anyone knows of any way to get this to work but, it is in Russian so it isn't the easiest to read through (even with the translations it is a bit sloppy). I applied for membership so I can make a post, just waiting for approval from a moderator. I will update everyone over here if I get anything worked out!
  5. Does anyone know any way to get the Phoenix Emulator (the one that supports Jaguar, 3DO, Game Gear etc.) to load games with Launchbox? It probably has some command line argument where I can pass the path of the game and define which emulator to load (it supports several systems) but I can't find it online anywhere. Any ideas?
  6. I figured it out.. I used a program called .bat to .exe http://www.f2ko.de/de/b2e.php . I converts the .bat to an .exe and then it wont display any window but SSF (make sure to choose the option to make it invisible on the panel on the right of the program). Probably not worth the effort for most folks but it's there if you want it!
  7. Sort of... Now I just have a black box with no words that won't leave when it's supposed to! This is my first time experimenting with .bat files. Its been fun so far. As always thanks for the help!
  8. While I have your attention... any idea on how to do this... Maybe a loop of some sort? The only improvement I can think of is if there is a way to launch SSF AND close the command line window simultanously instead of the comman line window closing AFTER closing SSF. Any ideas here?
  9. It's funny you mention that... I had loaded a .bin earlier and it worked but I was having some graphical errors so I just thought it was bad practice to load .bin when there are multiple ones... Maybe the errors were completely unrelated
  10. Oh and I forgot to mention this will help with Yabause too. Yabause doesn't like bin/cue image files BUT if you mount them to a virtual drive then it will read them just fine. Just change the file path to yabause (set emu="C:\file path to Yabause instead of SSF") and continue on from there. If anyone has any questions I will try to help! P.S. A new version of Yabause just dropped today so check it out!
  11. I figured it out! For anyone wondering... The command-line arguments must be passed to the executable DTagent.exe instead of DTlite.exe . Originally I got it working with a combination of bujinkanrn's idea of associating the file types and the batch file Lordmonkus suggested ... I just ran %game% by itself which, because Daemon tools was associated with those file types it mounted it on it's own. Here is that code: set game=%1% set emu="C:\** type emulator file path here**\SSF.exe" %game% %emu% exit It worked.. but It just didn't feel right. It was sloppy and I wanted to figure out what was wrong. I read through Daemon Tools help page and I realized one small mistake, they were suggesting a different .exe Once I changed that it worked AND it looked clean. Here is the final version... set game=%1% set daemon="C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTagent.exe" set emu="C:\**type emulator File path here**\SSF.exe" %daemon% -mount scsi, R, %game% %emu% %daemon% -remove R exit The only improvement I can think of is if there is a way to launch SSF AND close the command line window simultanously instead of the comman line window closing AFTER closing SSF. Any ideas here?
  12. Thanks! I was able to create the batch file however, it's not working exactly right. If there is already an image mounted it launches that image instead of the one I choose from Launchbox. Also the window for DTLite.exe shows up so if there is a way to close the window after it mounts the image that would be great. I assume that as this was written over a year ago the command line has changed for Daemon tools... any ideas on what it should look like instead? Oh! If there is no image mounted SSF just hangs, showing that the "Drive door is open"
  13. Could you explain how to do that in windows 10? I'm not too familiar with this OS.
  14. I am looking to do this same thing... Integrate SSF into lauchbox and get the games to mount to a virtual drive. How do you create a .bat file? I tried pasting the above into a notepad file then renaming the file to SSFmount.bat but it didn't change the file type.
  15. I am having some issues with the Angrylion RDP Plus plug-in. I am getting 35-40 FPS with a modern set up (Intel i3 7350k 4.2GHz and GTX 1060 6GB) on Project 64. I am getting <30 FPS on Mupen64Plus (I am not sure how to display FPS with the Mupen64Plus emulator but it runs very slow so I know it is less then 30). What options can I change to adjust performance? What is the recommended RSP plug-in? I have read that people with older systems are getting 60FPS and I have heard that Mupen64Plus runs Angrylion RDP faster then Project 64 so I think something is off. Versions: Project 64 2.40.661 (Released 11-15-17) m64p (build date Jan 9 2018) and I have tried using both the Angrylion RDP plus r6 Stable Release and the latest development build (1-10-18).
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