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  1. Great! I will add that to the original files as soon as I reassemble my PC. Thank you!
  2. All the roms info it's on a XML with the name of the system, I think it's on the data/platforms folder, the existence of the plaform itself it's on abnother couple of xmls, maybe the easier way would be to create the platform and configure it's emular vía the GUI in the destination lb install, and then copy the roms, media and the XML, I think then LB should pick it up
  3. I think that question refers to files under "Aditional Apps".
  4. They are clean,but since the script it's made with Autoit, antivirus tend to detect it as a virus, you would need to add an exception to the antivirus or, if you have any doubts just download the file with the source only and compile it yourself, It's easy, just download and install Autoit and then right click in the source an compile the .au3 file with it (right click in explorer and you will see the options after you install autoit).
  5. Oh, they don't need to be in the cartridge folder of Phoenix, If you have them all in F:/Launcbhox/Games/Jaguar you could clear them all from Phoenix and add them again from that location.
  6. I see that in phoenix.config Attack of the Mutant Penguins has a diferent path than the rest, "f:/Launchbox/Games" instead of "f:/Launcbhox/emulators/ph28jag-win64/Jaguar/CARTRIDGE" although I saw that first path matches with the one in LB in one of your earlier screenshots, the question is where actually is the romy. As for the virus message and the one indicating that the emulator couldn't be found maybe your antivirus deleted RomLauncherPhoenix.exe.
  7. Hi @RandyMackDaddy, I tested all my games and all of them launch, I was hoping some of them won't and I could find a clue of what could be wrong but no. What paths do you have in the phoenix.config for the roms? To find the right spot in the file first search for "<Library>" then "<Platform-Jaguar>" and you should have some lines like this: What do you have in yours for the games that don't work?
  8. Hi Everyone, sorry for my absence here,had many problems lately and didn't had time to check the forum, as soon as I can I'll check the script and try to find out why sometimes it doesn'n work, and @Wally, I have this in my setup and it does work for me: $Esc:: { Send ^{q} }
  9. Hi, I just posted this, It's a launcher for Phoenix, It's not a direct integration but I think it's easier than RocketLauncher.
  10. It's well known that the emulator Phoenix doesn't take command line options so it's integration with Launchbox it's quite difficult, I've read there's a RocketLauncher module that does that but I really don't want to use RL, so I made this little script that will act as a Phoenix loader. It works pretty well for me and just decided to share it because I think it might be useful for some people. It doesn't have a gui and works just by calling the exe with 2 parameters, first the platform to use and second the full path to the game rom or cd image. I just made it to recognize 3DO and Jaguar because it's in those plataforms that Phoenix excels, the other platforms can be emulated just as good or better with less complications with another emulator. The script will edit the emulator .xml and change just 2 lines, one that indicates the current selected platform and the other is the one that tells wich image or rom is currently selected, then it will execute Phoenix and simulate the keystrokes to launch the game and F11 to put it on full screen, after that the script will close. These are two examples of how to run a game: ROMLauncherPhoenix.exe platform=Jaguar file=K:\EMU\Atari Jaguar\Space War 2000 (World).j64 ROMLauncherPhoenix.exe platform=3DO file=K:\EMU\Panasonic 3DO\Incredible Machine, The (USA).img In the download I will include the source of the script, the script compiled and a .ini file that, for now, just include the option to turn de logging on or off. The compiled script and the .ini must be located in the Phoenix emulator folder because the script will only try to find the .ini and the emulator executable in the same folder where it is located. Instructions: 1 - Make sure Phoenix works and have loaded in the frontend all the images you are going to use, Phoenix won't recognize a file that the script loads in the .xml if that file isn't in its "database" 2- copy ROMLauncherPhoenix.exe and RomLauncherPhoenix.ini in your Phoenix install folder 3 - Make a backup of phoenix.config.xml just in case. 4 - In Launchbox go to Tools -> Manage Emulators -> Add, and select ROMLauncherPhoenix.exe as the "Emulator Aplication Path", then tick the option "No space before ROM (Primarily for NullDC)". 5 - In the same Window go to "Associated Platforms" and add the two we are going to use: "3DO Interactive Multiplayer" with the Command-Line Parameters "platform=3DO file=" and "Atari Jaguar" with "platform=Jaguar file=". Click OK to save everything 6 - Assign the new emulator to your 3DO or Jaguar games. That should do it but just consider some things. - In case that something doesn't work, the log file (ROMLauncherPhoenix.log) can be helpful. - The script it's made with Autoit because it's what I know how to use better, one big problem with AutoIt it's that antivirus programs tend to mark as thread anything made with it, so if you download the compiled script and your antivirus warns you about the file, you can trust me and add an exception or even better compile the script yourself, it's easy, just download Autoit and install it, after that just right click in the .au3 file in the explorer and a there should be a "Compile Script" option. - I really don't know how well all this will work with relative paths, I have my launchBox and all the emulators and rom in a virtual drive k: that is created every time I execute LB, I made it that way since day one so I never had to consider anything relative paths. - The script it's definitely not a good example of good programming, in fact could cause laughs on some people 🙂 . I know there must be better and more elegant ways of doing this, but It's what I could do and what I had time to do. If you have any advice about that I will welcome an appreciate it. ROMLauncherPhoenix Compiled.zip ROMLauncherPhoenix Source.zip
  11. Exactly, LB would require more power to run smoothly. Changing the hardrive for an SSD one would speed up things a bit if you can't afford a better PC right now. I have a C2D E8400 (3ghz) with an SSD and it's quite slow, but usable. Of course I don't expect to emulate anything beyond PS1 with it.
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