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  1. Hi!, converting to zip worked perfectly, I have everything imported to LB now, some games didn't get renamed but that Is because of the ones that FS-UAE don't recognize yet. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I was trying your program but couldn't make it work for renaming using FS-UAE, it founds the xml and the games files but doesn't rename them in LB xml. It does work using Hyperspin xml This tool will rename your LaunchBox "Commodore Amiga.xml" game titles What you want to do? 1) Get titles from HyperSpin XML (file names need to match) 2) Get titles from FS-UAE Launcher.sqlite (you need to update FS-UAE game databa se) Press 1, 2 or 'x' to exit... 2 Reading "LaunchBox/Commodore Amiga.xml"... 3100 entries! Reading "Games/*.zip|*.lha"... 3100 game files! Checking "FS-UAE/Launcher.sqlite"... ok! Matching game files with Launcher.sqlite... 0 matches! Renaming 0 entries... ok! Saving "Output/Commodore Amiga.xml"... done! Tried to execute ArchiveUtil.exe to see what it does and it returns this error: G:\AmigaBox>ArchiveUtil.exe Traceback (most recent call last): File "archiveutil.py", line 173, in <module> File "archiveutil.py", line 21, in create_variant_uuid File "archiveutil.py", line 31, in create_variant ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'lhafile' [5152] Failed to execute script archiveutil G:\AmigaBox> The same result in Windows 7 and 10, both 64bit, haven't tried on 32 bit yet. Greetings!
  3. No problem! I'll check those games and try to adjust them.
  4. Hi Zombeaver. I've been testing this collection and it's great, thank you for the great job and for sharing it! I had a little problema at first, I have a 1600x900 monitor and I had to make another generic vice config file for that resolution based in yours from the other resolutions, tested it with some games and adjust perfectly. I attach the file in case you want to use it. Greetings VICE x64.cfg
  5. jophran


    Wonderful. Thank you!
  6. I agree with this, for me would ve better if the images get copied. Of course this is a chosen behavior more than a problem and maybe more people prefer that the images get renamed.
  7. Hi, as a personal experience I noticed some improvement in performance when I switched to a SSD hard drive, no need to put everything there, just the program and the media.
  8. This happens to me also, my collection Is smaller (15k games), for now I just avoid using the list and just write the text but would be nice if it could be fixed.
  9. In Commodore 64 are a lot of them (I mean games of the platform that share titles, don't know which ones are in LB database or not), I'm having the same problem with that, sometimes even 3 or more games share title . For now I would be happy if when manually scrapping all of them are shown, as you said adding the publisher and maybe the year to the result text.
  10. Hello, if you you had the option to group games with similar titles (don't remember right now the exact name of that option) maybe that missing rom was already imported but as an additional app from another game, maybe doing an audit could help you find it if that's the case.
  11. I would also like yo know what to do in this cases, sometimes a game has the same name but have different graphics, sometimes the game Is completely different (un the Commodore 64 are quite a few examples), what I do Is to create a new game with different name, for example I add the releaser between parenthesis, so I can put the corresponding media. For me it's fine and works perfectly,but those are games not Linked to a game in LB database, and sometimes I would like to share that media by uploading to the database, and don't know the right way to do it, maybe someone can tell how. But, taking that off, my answer to your question would be,as I said, adding those games and manually rename them so each one has a different name. Another aproach would be to keep the same name for all of them and use the rom name in the media files, but you would have to manually put those media files in the corresponding folders of LB.
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