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  1. jophran

    The Covid Game!

    lol! great little game.
  2. Here Is explained how overrides work. I didn't try it myself but it's well explained I think https://docs.libretro.com/guides/overrides/
  3. Sorry I didn't answer before, I did made the exit ahk work with my script but I don't remember how because now I'm using @freeflyer454 script now, it does works better than mine.
  4. Hi, did you checked the switch under the controller? the one that selects direct input or xinput? Maybe Is a dumb answer but sometimes my son changes it without me knowing and left me puzzled when the xontroller starts behaving strange.
  5. Ohhh, great!, I didn't even tested the new tool in fear of losing something, my backup drive died and don't have a full LB backup as I like to have.
  6. @Jason Carr, maybe it would be a nice option to have that the process would move the media somewhere instead of deleting it, so we hace the chance to check them and manually delete them afterwards.
  7. https://docs.libretro.com/library/flycast/ rar It's not supported, only zip AND chd.
  8. Hi, I use the program Bulk Rename Utility. It has a ton of options.
  9. Great work @Zombeaver ! Do you ever sleep? 🙂
  10. Hi, I have a question I couldn't find answered. Under what category should a magazine cover picture be? I mean for those games that came in a cassete or diskette on a magazine. There are many of those in,for example, commodore 64. I've seen that ussually magazine covers are in "box - front" but I don't know if there is were they should be. Thank you
  11. What I would do is to connect a Button with a cable directly to the power pins in the motherboard if it's a desktop computer, no need to Solder, the connector should be Easy yo find. That why the power button can be wherever you want in the exterior of the cabinet, it can be whatever button you want, not a switch tough, just a button that closes the corcuit when you press it only. At work I connected a simple dorbell switch to a computer to power on it because the PC was out out of reach.
  12. Hi, the user freeflyer454 made another excelent launcher with better functionality, check that one, maybe works better for you, anyways remember that you must allways import your entire collection on Phoenix first, otherwise it won't recognize the ROM you're trying to launch.
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