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  1. 0.2 - Changelog Added game marquee image in the cab Added static fallback video background in the cab Added abstract video mask in wheel sidebar Added light video mask in wheel selector Fixed compressed video background file size Fixed first basket arcade scene to arcade machines in video bg Fixed computer battery indicator always showing File cleanup Minor fixes
  2. Anyone can help with this complicated emulator?
  3. Just updated youtube and download link.
  4. Starcraft Sound Pack View File Audio have been taken from original Broodwar game in source game files. Hope you enjoy! Find latest version here https://github.com/Emulga/BigBox-Starcraft-Sound-Pack Submitter G22 Submitted 12/06/2019 Category Big Box Sound Packs  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Audio have been taken from original Broodwar game in source game files. Hope you enjoy! Find latest version here https://github.com/Emulga/BigBox-Starcraft-Sound-Pack
  6. Remade Windows to my liking if anyone prefer this one.
  7. Thanks a lot for this list. This is some amazing work and I'm really looking forward to use it. I would like to keep my Mame fullset but add your no filler all killer game list as a playlist. Is there a way that I could do this without doing this manually? Thanks for anyone who could give me a hand on this 🙂
  8. Hi it's me again! I've been back at it for a good 8 hours for 34 new clear logos. I spent a lot of time on this and hope you'll like them! For some older arcade publishers I had to redraw the logos in vector to size them up bigger. I first started to separate my games by arcade board until I realize it's a bad practice coming from the Hyperspin community. At least for me it's useless as it created just too much categories. I made clear logos for the most known publisher/developer companies out there. So you can just write Capcom in the search bar where you have all your arcade games and create a Capcom playlist. I remade them so the word "classics" isn't there. I found it irrelevant. I think we're just doing things over and over because it always been like that without questioning why 😁 capcom 68000 is there because it's the only one I did before changing my mind on arcade board categories
  9. If anyone's interested to update their files I've decided to take the time and redo them as a lot of games have been added. I've also added ST-V, Model 2 and Model 3. Should you update with these? If your Mame set is relatively new then I guess yes! Hope this will save you some time they took quite some of my yesterday's night to do hehe! 0.215 version https://github.com/Emulga/Mame-Rom-Extractor/releases/tag/0.215 Usage https://github.com/Emulga/Mame-Rom-Extractor/wiki/Usage
  10. G22

    Mame confusion

    Oh my god haha! My brain had an hard time processing within the set. Thanks a lot you're a lifesaver! Much appreciated!
  11. G22

    Mame confusion

    According to latest Mame 0.215 release forum topic the only set that contains all bios and devices is the non-merged set. Since Demul can't point a different folder for bios and roms some people like me that stores Arcade roms in Games/Arcade and bios in Emulators/Mame/roms to have roms and bios separated may have an issue with Demul. But still non-merged may not be the best as you'll loose 50gb of disk space. You could probably use a non-merged or split set with the bios in the Games/Arcade folder and save 50gb. I think I found what makes me think that there were missing roms in my merge set. I've found a romset of Sega Model 3 which is basically roms pulled out of a Mame set. So I compared them to my roms and found no other versions zips because they're of course in the merge zip. So I went into LB and click on that particular rom and checked under "Additional Apps" and they weren't there. Then I thought I was missing stuff. Since I used the importer and told him to not import "not working" roms I understand that what I think it's missing it's in reality broken games. BTW if anyone knows how I could put different paths for bios and roms in Demul before I move all my bios files in "Games/Arcade", which I would prefer not to. Thanks a lot for helping me, great discussion!
  12. G22

    Mame confusion

    Hi @DOS76 and thank you for your quick reply! 4. I'll update them then and add them to my Github so anyone can contribute. 7. I've found that some arcade games that uses an emulator other than Mame have it's own scraping section with more metadata/artwork than it can be found when scraping as Arcade. I wonder why there are separate sections for example Sega Naomi instead of only having everything under Arcade in the games database. Hope this makes more sense. 8. New question: It seems that less games (like bootlegs) have been imported in "Additional Apps" using a merge set. Is it possible that a non-merged set results in more games in Launchbox? I know duplicates all should be under "Additional Apps" page of a game but seems like I'm missing some. Thanks a lot for helping, really appreciated!
  13. G22

    Mame confusion

    Hi Launchboxers! I'm using the merged Mame 0.213 set and I'm thinking of updating to the latest non-merged set. There's some confusion and many different informations out there. Information that I suspect to be outdated are probably misleading me. So I'm making this topic because different informations about the same thing said inverse. If you can answer these questions, I should be good to go back on building the most complete arcade build. What's best between merged or non-merged for LB? It's best to have a non-merged set for Demul (naomi1, naomi2, atomiswave, hikaru, cavecv1000 and gaelco). If I download the non-merged set I don't need the (machines-bios-devices) pack too right? http://prntscr.com/puen11 Is this outdated? What's the difference between Naomi and Naomi GD? What's the difference between Naomi 2 and Naomi 2 GD? When scraping for example 'Sega Model 2' should I choose Arcade or Sega Model 2 or run both? Why all arcade games aren't scraping under Arcade? Are there plans on merging and updating the database. I think it would be much more easier like this. Thanks for helping me!
  14. Exactly what I would have done but honestly I'm thinking just like you as I can see no difference. OpenGL was probably a great alternative back then with slower spu.
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