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  1. Just tried it, transparency not there! Well it may be there, but it seems Bigbox FE isn't there. It waits for the video to stop to show. Almost there!
  2. I just tried and it's ignoring the startup.webm file. That's a bummer as I think Bigbox use the VLC media player for videos and VLC does play webm with alpha channel. At least in OBS!
  3. Great to know. I've done further testing and just noticed that the file format MUST be a mp4 container which doesn't support alpha channel. It would be awesome to have support for .webm format which supports transparency. So the startup video could transition to Bigbox menu.
  4. Hi community! I'm almost finished with my Stranger Things startup video in After Effects for BigBox. I'd like to know if there's a compatible format that supports transparency in startup videos to transition smootly between the end of the startup video and the menu. If that's not possible it would be really great that when Bigbox is finished loading it starts under the startup video so when the transparency comes in we could start seeing the menu. That's something I used to do on Retropie back then and it makes the whole thing much more pro! Have a great day!
  5. Yep, I was assuming he read the thread and that he's writing in this thread because he have the same freezing described here ?
  6. You're experiencing the bug so it's probably a theme from the Community Theme Manager. That being said you need an update from the theme dev.
  7. The version of Bigbox doesn't have anything to do with this matter. Still I find it better to be on the latest version. You want to use a theme that have been originally created with the Community Theme Manager and UPDATED with Community Theme Manager version and above. The freezing wont happen anymore.
  8. Thanks you this is working directly!
  9. Oh that makes sense! Any idea where in BigBox I change that key?
  10. Hi, I've only tried with Mame games but when I go in the BigBox pause menu where I can resume, view artwork, etc. When I press Exit game, I get the game over screen but it goes back to the Mame game and it can't be exited unless I press the button I've map in Mame. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. This makes sense! Thanks a lot for the input! Fingers crossed this will be all good by now!
  12. Tested on 2 computers and everything is working so far without freezing anymore. Fingers crossed. Could we know exactly what was going on about this issue? Have something been removed in theme dev? Thank you!
  13. I'd like to know about that also. I tried the latest beta 11.x and it haven't fixed the issue.
  14. Any progress on this? Did my log file was saying anything? Thanks!
  15. I'm not sure what a UCVideo is, but there's a good chance that I'm using that as I have a lot of videos in my theme.
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