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  1. Yeah no problem that is all i needed to know just so i didn't waste my time installing this plugin, doing configs etc just for the new version to release next week or something making this pointless ha, cheers.
  2. Any news on what this new way of doing this is as per the April 2020 update notification? I need to config my PS2 games but no point using configurator now with this new news, any ETA when it will be done and released or anything? Thanks
  3. Love this theme. been using it since it came out and doubt i will ever switch it. However it is just missing a startup video for Big Box mode. Any chance someone could make one at some point? Just the finishing touch it needs and will be perfect! 😃
  4. Found a small work around, when you delete a game as soon as you press on the last "yes" button to delete it, if you quickly press straight onto the game next to it or another game before the screen dims. When it stops dimming it won't go back to the top of the list. Sometimes doesn't work if the timing isn't right but a temp solution that helps a bit at least.
  5. @Jason CarrSorry yes it is when i delete files and also when i bulk edit as drw4013 said above^ It is a massive pain in the butt because i am trimming my collections so deleting thousands of games in launchbox itself, having to scroll down and find where i was among thousands of games every time i delete even just one of them is a massive issue ha don't know how you can think otherwise? Previous versions didn't do this it is only recently so is it reversible? It has put a hold on me trimming anything for now as it is taking 2 - 3 times as long as it did before this started happening. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, i don't know if this is a bug or a new setting i need to change but whenever i delete a game or make edits to one like add additional applications etc it then goes back to the top of the game list starting at the beginning. Whenever i would delete games etc before it would keep its position in the game list, now when i am sorting through my platforms i have to keep scrolling back down to where i was but when you are trying to trim a collection of thousands of games it is too time consuming to delete one game, scroll from the top of the game list back to where i was, delete another just to repeat it over and over. I reverted back to a previous version which stops doing it however i don't want to be on an old version forever so i updated to the new official version and it is still doing it....anyone have any tips or advice? Much appreciated in advance!
  7. Sega Channel Big Box Platform Theme Video View File Sega Channel Big Bod Platform Theme Video This is the original trailer for Sega Channel i grabbed from youtube it is very retro and goes great in Big Box Mode. Submitter Retroid84 Submitted 03/24/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Sega Channel Big Bod Platform Theme Video This is the original trailer for Sega Channel i grabbed from youtube it is very retro and goes great in Big Box Mode.
  9. Sounds great man cannot wait! I have just been starting and stopping games for the past half hour just to see that awesome startup theme too ha ha. Cheers again!
  10. This is beautiful man nice work! Do you know roughly when you will be releasing the Big Box theme too? I am a fellow Retro addict and i am currently developing a Retro themed Mugen game. Check out my youtube channel there is a download link for the very early beta version on there you might want to install into your Launchbox? My username is the same as here: Retroid84 Can't wait for the big box theme! Cheers
  11. Ha ha omg i have become that guy...thanks for the quick reply can't believe that ha.
  12. So where are the logos? Each one is a theme and inside there are no images other than the video borders??? I have downloaded every file you have uploaded and cannot find them anywhere
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