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  1. I have both old and new Wiimotes and haven't noticed any connection issues with either of them, but I tend to only use the older ones for lightgun games. Mine are connected via a Dolphinbar. How have you connected yours?
  2. I'd certainly be happy to have a go creating a video, but like you say rendering a 3D model would be a bit beyond my ability. What 3D rendering software is used do you know?
  3. Well, you know the nostalgia arcade category playlist? It has three machines on it, Pac-man, Donkey Kong and Neo-Geo MVS. I'm imagining something like that, but with more modern machines. For example, a TTX cabinet, a NesicaXLive cabinet and a Sega All.net cabinet? I know the later generations of arcade games have a lot of complicated custom built cabinets which would be a nightmare to render, but those three systems at least had convertible cabinets. I know it's a lot to ask and I certainly don't expect anything as it seems I am in the minority here, but it would let me have a coordinated look, at least for my platform categories.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I will use that as a placeholder until I can find something better. I don't really mind which games or cabinets are used as long as they're modern. All arcade videos seem to include Pacman or Donkey Kong, which is not the aesthetic I'm going for. I can really only find material for "Arcade", which covers the entire range, or "Classics" which covers the older games. It's very difficult to find anything that just represents the modern stuff. Does no one else arrange their games like this? Surely I'm not the only one?
  5. Could you possibly make a video that uses modern arcade cabinets? I ask because I separate my Arcade category into "Classics" (Anything using an emulator, MAME, Model 2 etc...) and "Modern" (Anything PC based, TTX, NesicaXLive, Teknoparrot, etc...) There are so many "Arcade Classics" videos already, but I can't find anything with a more modern look.
  6. I have to echo what everyone else is saying: these videos are stunning. What I especially like about them is that they are not too loud and flashy, perfect for browsing. I'd like to add my request to your no doubt huge list. I keep my arcade sets separated into "classic" arcade games, i.e. MAME games, Daphne, Model 2 etc, and "modern" arcade games, or what are sometimes called "PC based". Those that run natively on PC, or use a loader like jconfig or Teknoparrot. TTX, Nesica, Konami e-amuse etc... Many video creators have made "Arcade Classics" videos, but I have never found one for modern games. Would you be so kind?
  7. That's a fantastic idea. There were some real classic games that were spread over several systems, especially the Genesis/SNES that would be fantastic to group together (Disney's Aladdin springs to mind). It's already kinda possible using playlists, but a more streamlined method would be cool.
  8. This sounds like a good idea. It would allow the favourites to share the platform theme, too. I use CoverBox because it looks amazing, but all my playlists have the generic theme.
  9. I'd read the front page again if I were you.
  10. The problem with this lies in the fact that a lot of releases contain multiple regions and bios files. Launchbox is supposed to be a rom organiser, so advising people to manually organise their roms before importing them is not very helpful. Perhaps I only want to hide a region temporarily when I have friends who only speak one language. Perhaps I want to hide the bioses some of the time, but some of them contain a game, or easter egg, so I keep them just in case. Perhaps some emulators require the bios file to be in the rom directory, so it keeps getting imported when I click "scan for new roms". There are many reasons why this is a good idea.
  11. I have this problem too. It seems that it is prioritising "beta" over everything else. It surely needs to be fixed.
  12. Thanks! I tried many times using the Headkaze MAME compiler, but I could never get it to work. I'll do my best to follow your instructions.
  13. Thanks for stepping up to do these. Could you recommend a tutorial for creating a nonag build, or explain how it's done. I've tried many times, but I have always failed.
  14. I was sorry to read that you will no longer be releasing these. Thank you for doing it for so long. I've attempted to build MAME before, but failed many times. Could you recommend a good online tutorial for building a no-nag Mame release?
  15. Tried that and it says it has updated, but the new games still aren't showing up. Timestamp on metadata.xml is 10/12/2019 01:00. I don't know how often the metadata is updated, so that could potentially still be the latest version. [edit]Interesting... a manual search of the metadata.xml in notepad++ shows the games. But the edit game search box won't show them. Not sure why.[/edit] [edit 2]Tried force updating again and restarting launchbox. Seems to have cleared the metadata error, but still getting the wikipedia error.[/edit 2]
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