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  1. I think the highest possible quality/resolution should be the target, the server should then provide fixed resolution versions if needed; similarly to how Mobygames works. The more pressing issue I believe is some of the absolute dross that people upload with no regard for whether they are duplicates, given the correct regions, or even the correct image type. I've been *trying* to clean up the ScummVM database recently and I've had to flag so many images for deletion it's not even funny. Someone has uploaded boxart as fanart; stretched, upscaled screenshots etc... The worst thing is that even if better artwork is available, sometimes the frontend chooses the lower quality stuff to download/display and it makes the whole thing look crap.
  2. Tomkun


    OK, as there has been no reply to this yet, I am going to proceed along the following lines. I've given this a great deal of thought and I hope this is the best way forward. As ScummVM is not technically a "platform" in its own right, there are a huge number of versions of games. Generally speaking, with other platforms in LaunchBox, game versions are merged. I think we should follow the same approach here and try to keep the number of individual games to a minimum. There is a exception to this, however. Some games were re-released as "enhanced" versions much later on meaning although technically the same game in name and story, I think they are different enough to warrant their own entry in the database. It seems the developers of ScummVM have a similar philosophy, grouping their games by the engine they used, rather than the specific game version. See here. Thus, all versions of Maniac Mansion should be merged, while the Sierra SCI remakes of their older AGI games should get separate database entries. I hope I've explained myself well enough. If you have any thoughts or comments, please chime in.
  3. Tomkun


    Since ScummVM is going to be updated to version 2.1.0 soon, I'm going through and updating the database. However, I cannot edit the Alternate Name for "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars". I keep getting "error occured" after I click submit. For the record, I'm just trying to add the United States to the "Circle of Blood" alternate name. Also, I submitted a bunch of edits last night, which were all accepted - however, one moderator has rejected most of my edits. Although they were outvoted, I'd still like to know their reasoning so I can see if some sort of compromise or solution can be found. Thanks Edit: Just one more thing... Is there a consensus about what to do with the Sierra SCI updates of various games? Should they be treated as alternate versions (as they are in ScummVM) or as whole new games in their own right? My personal belief is that they should be treated as alternate versions, but I'm prepared to be convinced otherwise. Thoughts?
  4. OK, I don't see anything obvious there, but you have mouse input disabled, yet are using mouse to emulate the lightgun. Perhaps that is creating a conflict? Also, in my MAME.ini, I have joystick saturation set to 1.0. Are you using touchmote to emulate a mouse, or a controller?
  5. When you say 360 Controller Emulator, what do you mean? You should only need Touchmote.
  6. Make sure that your joypad deadzone is set to 0 in mame.ini, any other value can have the effect you're describing. If you've already done that, not sure what it could be.
  7. Thank you. Perhaps I can take a look at creating a plugin then. Is there any documentation or examples?
  8. I could get it working by creating an emulator from my AHK script, but then I have to get the AHK script to launch the correct emulator itself which renders all the LaunchBox emulator setup useless. I *almost* got it working by creating an emulator, and setting that as an additional app. That *will* pass on the system name, but *not* the rom name. Would it be too much to ask for an acknowledgement from Jason that he's even read these requests? It's frustrating when you feel that your requests are falling on deaf ears. The really frustrating part is that all these variables exist, because they are all sent along just fine to LEDBlinky.
  9. I posted a couple of threads in the support forum, but they've both been pushed down unanswered. I also added a feature request on the BitBucket page. That's also been ignored so far. I'm not sure what else to do, really, hence me posting here. In the meantime I'll continue using RocketLauncher, but it does seem like such a pity as it's such a bloated piece of software for a workaround. I very much appreciate your interest in it though, so thank you.
  10. I have already looked at that route and it's just not feasible. The script needs a few variables from LaunchBox, such as romname and system in order to know what control settings it needs. As far as I'm aware, LaunchBox cannot pass these variables on to an external program (If it can, please tell me!). It's just not possible to configure all of the lightgun/driving games individually.
  11. The new pause menus are so good, thanks. One more nail in the coffin for RocketLauncher. I added a feature request to the tracker, but it seems to have been forgotten. Can you please give us a way to run an AHK script before the emulator launches, rather than just alongside it? I have a script that I use to setup controllers (specifically light guns and steering wheels), but it requires variables from Launchbox to run. The only way I can get it working at the moment via LaunchBox is to use RocketLauncher as an intermediary, which is such a waste considering the strides you've taken with all the extra features recently.
  12. I am very happy to post it. Are you familiar with EventGhost? I am also looking at writing an AHK/Plugin for Launchbox. If I can get that working it'll be even easier.
  13. Now that launchbox has startup screens, I can finally start moving away from RocketLauncher. However, one of the most useful functions of rocket launcher is the ability to run an AHK script *before* the emulator loads. I currently use this to connect wiimotes before playing a gun game for example. I know that there is a way to run an AHK script *with* the emulator, but I specifically need it to run before it and wait for it to finish before starting the emulator, prefarably while the startup screen is showing. I also know that this is possible by using the "additional apps" function on a per game level, but I'd like it to run before every game. Is it possible? ;TLDR I need a way to run a script before the emulator loads. Can it be done?
  14. To work in touchmote, you must keep your Dolphinbar in Wii mode (mode 4 I think). Any other mode will not connect to Touchmote. To play Gaia attack 4, I recommend Demulshooter. https://github.com/argonlefou/DemulShooter/wiki/Taito-Type-X#gaia-attack-4
  15. Hi! You shouldn't need to pair your wiimotes with touchmote. As long as they connect to the Dolphinbar in Wii mode, they should work.
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