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  1. Hello, I put here an error that is present in 11.9 and that is that, when you import roms by dragging and dropping them in the application, if there are several with similar names, even if you check the option, only one rom is imported. Scanning the directory works without problems. I am attaching a video to make the problem clearer. Error import Roms.mp4
  2. When you import the complete MAME set, if you don't select the MAME emulator, the importer gives an error on Line 1. Apparently, since it now uses the emulator to generate the xml, if you don't assign an emulator or it's not MAME, it generates an error. At least the first time, then it will test whether once imported, for a second time. The error does not close Launchbox, but it does not let you continue. It would have to give a message like, "You need to add and select MAME to be able to import the entire list" or something similar.
  3. I put a video for you to see the problem better, the first part is with Launchbox 11.8, where the 9 games that are contained in the folder are imported without problems, either by selecting the folder or the files. The second part is with the 11.9 Beta that, with the same steps, selecting the folder or the individual files, which are 9, only import 3 of them. Also scanning the folder happens the same. Error Launchbox 11.9 Beta.mp4
  4. The same steps as in 11.8, that is, import roms, select the folder, platform, covers, etc ... then check the box of "Force Importing Duplicate Games" and as I said before, the list with all the roms that contains the folder, but then it only imports 1, skipping the rest, it doesn't leave them as alternates or anything, it just doesn't matter, only 1 when you see similar names. These same steps in 11.8 works without problems.
  5. The main problem is that the rom importer does not work correctly, only some games are imported. I had to put the 11.8 again while the error is repaired in the following betas.
  6. In 11.9.Beta 1 and 2 when importing the games, these are not added all, only a few ignoring duplicates. For example. I have this in Spectrum: N.O.M.A.D. (1986) (Erbe Software) [re-release] N.O.M.A.D. (1986) (Ocean) With 11.9.Beta 1 and 2, even marking the option of "Force Importing Duplicate Games" and on the next screen with the list of games (Ready to Import), they all appear there, but when importing them, it skips them leaving only 1 of they. With 11.8 this does not happen. Another thing is that the options when importing, before almost all came out in Spanish and now
  7. Both ScummVM and Dosbox can be updated without problems, you just have to put the new versions and replace the files.
  8. It is not a problem that the games are combined well, the problem is that it would be nice to be able to decide how the games are displayed in the list, with the old format, everything with the main name or with the new format by region. Each user has preferences, as well as the theme, the colors, the priority of the covers, also being able to choose the name format, if we want it to be old or new. It's just that, I like the old format better and then change if I want to the new format by region, but being able to decide is ideal. 😁
  9. I can better explain myself with an example. We have the game "Contra" which in Europe was called "Probotector", well, in the database, the Main name is the USA "Contra" as always and as an alternative is the European. In previous versions, when you imported... Contra (USA).zip Probotector (EUR).zip The list showed the two entries with the same name, which was fine, because they are the same game. But now, it shows you as "Contra" for the USA and "Probotector" for the EUR, which is also fine, but different. The problem is that to join these two games manually or
  10. Hello, with the new versions and this beta, a new option was introduced which is to set the name of the game according to the region automatically, leaving the rest of the names as alternatives and being able to change by editing the game data. The problem is that, by default, the name of the game stays with the one of the region that is detected, but that causes the same games to come out with different names. An option would have to be enabled in the general options so that the names of the games are used the main one or the one of the region, or an option to change that in all the
  11. For these new versions, I see that the name of the specific version is imported, but it would be good to put an option to be able to decide whether to want to use the main name or the alternative names, because many times we find different names from the same region. An option like "use primary or region name". I know that it can be changed by editing the game, but in the same way that we select the priorities of the images, the same with the names. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I put it here to comment that the field of "Release Type" of the games is not imported from the database, both in beta 2 and in beta 3 that just launched. That field always appears blank.
  13. I don't know if the requests are put here, but it would be nice to add this system to the list. The games are emulated with MAME, so there is an emulator and it works, it does not have many games, but it is something curious and functional. Gamate Release Date: 1990 Developer: Bit Corporation CPU: UMC UA6588F (earlier revision) NCR 81489 (later revision) both 6502 based Memory : 16KB RAM Graphics: LCD in 4 greyscale Sound: Mono internal speaker Display: 160x152 Overview: The Gamate, known as 超級小子 in Taiwan and 超级神童 in China, is a handheld
  14. Hello, I have seen your startup theme, which I think is very nice, but it would be nice to add a loading progress bar for compressed games. The default theme has it, but I can't implement it well. You could create a variant of it with that progress bar. Thank you.
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