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Sharp X68000 core Libretro not detected ?


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Good morning all !

I have a problem with the px68k libretro core of the Sharp X68000 from RetroArch... it is not detected by LaunchBox while all other cores are correctly detected when implementing a new system.

How do I configure the core px68k libretro manually ?

Greetings :)

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Broken on Android for me as well.  It detects it as "Custom Emulator" and I haven't seen a way to change it.

On Windows it is missing the Emulator config for Sharp x68000.. I added entry, linked it to RetroArch and and it works fin now on Windows.



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I just found a fix for Android and Sharp x68000.  Just navigate to the "LaunchBox/Data/Platforms" directory on your phone using a text editor like "QuickEdit" (free downloaded from GOOGLE play store)

Open the file "Sharp X68000.xml"

Change line 5: <DefaultEmulator>Custom Emulator</DefaultEmulator> to <DefaultEmulator>RetroArch</DefaultEmulator>

Insert line 6: <DefaultEmulatorCore>px68k_libreto_android.so</DefaultEmulatorCore>

Save the changes + restart LaunchBox and you are all set.


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Hello everyone, I'm having the same issue.

I tried editing the xml file, however, once lunchbox starts, it deletes the second line (DefaultEmulatorCore).

Has anyone figured how to successfully edit the emulator settings on the latest version?



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