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  1. Actually, for most systems you don't need to unzip roms before running. Most cores will work fine without that step. Taking a picture of your emulator details and associated platforms would help. Since you can play the game, the problem probably lies in there somewhere. Could be several things, so it's hard to guess.
  2. Ah yeah, you do need to rename the bios. I just checked how I had it set up and it was saturn_bios.bin and stvbios.zip inside that kronos folder. I'll give you a general tip though. If you load the core in retroarch, you can go down to information and then core information to see exactly what bios you need (by comparing the md5) and the name it needs to be specifically. That's also where I saw that I needed the "kronos" folder. Core info is useful stuff! If you are unsure of how to check the md5, there are various ways to check. There are online sites where you drag and drop it. Pe
  3. Is the emulator set up correctly in Launchbox? Associated platform the exact same wording and such? You should be using the main mame core (no year after it) since it is also .205 atm. That core stays up to date... which means it would be better to not update that core later on unless you also plan on updating your romset.
  4. I would suggest double checking you are using the opengl video driver, any latency options are off, and you have the correct bios files in the system folder. They need to be in their own folder within the system folder named "kronos". Kronos is doing well, but compatibility is an issue since it's a wip. It's definitely usable tho as a core in retroarch. I currently use it over mednafen for about 10 or so games.
  5. Well, I went to go see if it appeared in the background processes and it just simply worked. I apparently had a pretty sizable windows update last night and now LB Next works. I have no idea what solved my issue, but it seems to be something up with windows. So thanks for looking into this. No idea what the problem was, but it resolved itself thankfully
  6. I deleted those lines and Next still wont open for me. Seems like it tries, but then closes itself like in that video I uploaded. Normal LB is just fine tho to be clear. I tried opening next through normal LB and through the executable. After I deleted those lines I checked again and saw this: <FormLocationX>0</FormLocationX> <FormLocationY>0</FormLocationY> <FormMaximized>false</FormMaximized> <FormSizeX>1969</FormSizeX> <FormSizeY>723</FormSizeY> Also I did recall one other odd thing before
  7. I'm not sure either. It was working fine until some random crash I really should have payed more attention to lol.... I run as admin just to make sure there isn't some access problem somewhere. It seems to be recommended for most things, so I got into the habit of always doing it. EDIT: but I did just try it without running as admin and no change.
  8. Normally, I wouldn't be too concerned since the normal LB works, but I saw one of the youtube vids that said next will become the main version. If it doesn't open for me, that is a bit worrisome lol. I made a quick video showing my issue. I'm not sure if it will help tho.
  9. Yes, I have done that. Also restarted the pc. I dont think my antivirus would do that without a notification, but I will exempt the folder and see if that does the trick..... Nope, still goes through the normal start up box and then nothing. I already had it set to run as administrator as well.
  10. Yeah, normal LB works fine as far as I can tell. In all 3 cases (original 8.3, beta, and new install)
  11. I have been using launchbox next for a while now and really enjoy the general speediness of it. About a week ago (on 8.3) I had a crash. I'm not sure why and I can't recall what I did to cause it, but I am now unable to open launchbox next. I have tried upgrading to a beta buld and I have just tried a brand new installation (where I just tried to immediately open next) and next won't open in either. I'm actually not sure where to go from here to troubleshoot, so any advice would be helpful.
  12. Looks like it can OC to nearly 4ghz and the ipc isn't terrible. Not a bad option for the price. The G4560 was the cheapest usable option (imo) if you wanted to add dedicated graphics a while back. No idea if it has been dethroned tbh.
  13. Not sure why tbh. Might be a dinput issue. Maybe try it on keyboard or a different controller just to rule it out.
  14. No idea, I just downloaded/tried it to answer your question lol. I'm sure you could look at a faq for your smash game of choice on gamefaqs. They usually have controls listed at the top. I haven't really played smash since the n64 days tbh. Double taps to run usually feels right to me in fighters.
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