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  1. Thats true ps3 emulation is still in its early days, i also experience some minor issues with the ps2 emulation . but i assume that those systems also have custom parts in them and still people managed to somehow working. But only time will tell meaby someday in the future someone comes with a good xbox emulator
  2. Why is it so poor then is it the way how the system originally was build or something else. because if we can emulate ps3 in the not so distant future then how does it come that xbox is impossible to get an decent emulation of.
  3. Hi guys. for about a year now im activly bussy with emulation: building my collection and adding systems. a few of my favorite systems are the PlayStation. i have a vast collection of all the currently available PlayStation platforms. with ps3 becoming the next upcoming thing i wondered about its rival the xbox. What is the state on those systems. i noticed there isnt much to find sofar. Is that because out hardware hasnt become strong enough yet or is it somesort of legal issue with Microsoft. I like to know more about this. and if im wrong and there is indeed already xbox emul
  4. Hi guys so for about a year now im into emulation, slowly building my collection of games and systems. So yesterday i thought it was time to step it up a little bit. for the past i've been using a ps4 controller to control my games. I had a idea to buy system specific controllers. so yesterday i bought a usb nes controller and a snes controller. So while is was setting up i notiched that for one system it worked but once i changed the controller and system it all got messed up again. so thats where i find out asbout custom configs. But now a other problem pops up. i've got all the buttons that
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